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Friday, October 16, 2009

To spank or not to spank... that is the question



sarahchifici said...

hey glozell! will you be performing in nyc anytime soon? keep up the great work! you always have me in stitches.

Susanne Sus said...

Well, I got spanked too when I was a child. But I am another generation. If my brother and I did pull our mom's nerves she spanked us with a beater.
Nowadays you can get punished if you spank your child.

Many young parents of today let their children scream and uproar and if you complain they ask you: "Do you have a problem?" But sometimes children behave bad because they want their parents' attention.

I also noticed that children are very spoiled, they get everything they desire but probably not enough love from their parents.

Have a good weekend you both! :-)

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...

Thanks so much!

I wish I was... so nice to hear that NY wants me... YES YES... if I can make it there... you know the rest... LOL

Glad you are cracking up... keep on laughing... makes life so much better...

Peace and Blessings...


GloZell said...

Aunt SUS....

You have some great parenting skills... you are right!

When/If I have kids I will drop them off at your house... LOL

Thanks SS