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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't leave me home alone... or else I'll do a video... LOL

If you look carefully... you will see that there are two people visible in one of the videos
Which one is it... ha ha ha

GloZell's Ghetto Issues...

Yesterday I went to the official Gala Birthday Party of Ms. Carla Laemmle who turned 100 years old...

I have to post those videos and pictures... so much fun...

And I went to my friend Adam Hunters pilot comedy show showing at the Improv... It was a fun night!



Anonymous said...

A soggy day. Rained all night and rain all day. Not complaining because we really need LOTS to make the lakes rise, etc. Home for the day.
I remember all these videos from the summer. Poor SK trying to sleep.
The picture of Sk and Charles Gibbs by the sign makes SK look like a GIANT!
I don't like all the scary movies on TV before Halloween.
Seems to be a break so Jim's walking Casey.
Gonna eat my soybeans in a shell now...

GloZell said...


Ah rain... rain.... hmmmm... I just thought of another video... hmmm


Yes... ha ha ha... SK trying to sleep ha! Hard with me around...

Yes... SK is way taller than Charles... lol

ooooh Soybeans in a shell you lucky lady you...LOL