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Friday, October 02, 2009

Hair removal for the Bikini area... HA! Smooth Away

I have one last product to use... it's this Detox Body Wrap... I just can't believe you can loose weight that fast... I wonder how it works... WHO CARES... as long as it works...


Paria said...

Hey funny woman! I'm loving the new page!!!! It's perfect! I miss you! Let's do lunch and hiking soon! I still have the free burger vouchers to the Counter!!!

Tell Sk I said helllo!

Anonymous said...

So you're going to wear a bikini in the pool? SK and PB will enjoy that!
What does this mean..."I should pimp them with my homies?" Mom's nurse has been ill since we've been here. I ended up taking her to the emergency room last night and I wore my respirator to protect myself. All the nurses, etc. were staring. I went in with Mandy and then waiting in the waiting room until they'd run tests. The nurse came for me to wait on the results. They sent her home with a prescription which we picked up at Walgreens along with some food. She's been resting all day and works at the hospital tonight.
Jean's back from Vegas and met Mom and I for lunch. I went for some prescriptions afterwards.
It's cold, rainy, and VERY windy today.
Glad to see SK is back painting. I keep waiting for that one painting that really catches my eye like that first one Aunt Sus bought. Speaking of Aunt Sus, I miss her and keep looking for comments from her from Switzerland. I want to return there and would love too get in touch. It's been 9 years.
Jim and I had plans to go to El Salvador in the Spring and stay with friends there, but I really don't think he will be up to it. So we have decided to go on a cruise to Alaska next summer. I think that would be easier on him.
Did you like to name...Chocolate Creme Brulee? Who's cat? Or Purrfect Beauty.

GloZell said...

Par Par!!!!!

Glad you are back... looking forward to hearing about your adventures... nice pics of you and A...

I will



GloZell said...


Walking out the house... to go to MARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSS


Ah I just wanted to know if it worked... then cool but... hee hee hee

Okay... runing out the door... oh I have to teach you some JIVE TALK WOMAN...




Susanne Sus said...

I am here and I read every day GloZell's blog! But since I am a facebooker I am occupied with it. Takes a lot of time to read and write in facebook. Dear MD come and join us it is fun!:-)

I would call SK's latest picture "Two cats". I like it as I do like all of SK's pictures.

Yesterday I went with a friend to the lake of Thun. We had first lunch in an Indian restaurant and then we went to the shore of the lake and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Hey, GloZell and SK! Maria gave me one of her paintings as a birthday present! I am so happy with it! I framed it and it is already hanging on a wall. Soon I can open an art gallery in my apartment with Swiss/American/Slovakian/ art.

GloZell, do you use the body scrub every day? I do it only once a week. Is it not too much for the skin? I still love your scrub!

I say hello to all blog readers and wish a wonderful Sunday.

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...


You had a great birthday! Scrub away... it's all natural... maybe just knees and elbows more if you don't want to scrub all the time...

oooh Maria is such a great artist... I love her round faces... she has a cool style

Thanks for saying hi! Always good hearing from ya on the blog

Take Care...


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