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Friday, January 29, 2010

ASK GloZell.. Is my man a Homo Thug?


I will be doing stand up tonight at the World Famous Comedy Club on Sunset in West Hollywood tonight 7:30 PM in the MAIN ROOM tickets are 15 Dollars plus 2 drink min.

Come out and get your laugh on!


Anonymous said...

Wish Jean and I could go! I want to know how it went and who went to see you and, hopefully, see a video. I know it will be good!
Jim had physical therapy and then we went to El Charrito, and to pick up Connor. He's a speed reader like John. We went to our SC Library.
Going to watch the debate for Texas Governor tonight and then last night's Project Runway.
It's going to be in the mid-20's tonight...

Anonymous said...

Dear Glowzell,
I feel like I really don't fit in at school and I don't have any friends. I feel really lonely and I'm trying to make friends with people but they just ignore me. Do you have any advice?