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Friday, January 08, 2010

GloZell on Good Morning America about Jay Leno

I had a great time at ABC... they are wonderful people
I did an interview about Jay Leno going back to his HIS ORIGINAL TIME... THE TIME HE IS SUPPOSE TO HAVE AND NEVER MOVE FROM.

SO GLAD THAT NBC Has come back to it's senses... I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Now let's see if Jay's audience comes back from the new shows they have started to watch.

My interview didn't air today so who knows when... but it was fun


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tszaj said...

I hate to say it but I do think this might be a way to get ratings. Remember when Jay took over The Tonight Show & they made the same fuss saying Letterman should have gotten it then his rating went up. Now it sounds similar. Or my other thought is that this was planned all along for Jay to go back in the spring. He did say he never had to worry in all his interviews about this show. They were going to stick with him. If it is real I feel for Conan cause he uprooted his life to move here & he gets screwed in the end. I do believe that Jay should have never left The Tonight Show.

GloZell said...

You never know... you could be right tszaj