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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ghetto Lady Ga Ga .... Ha ha ha


Cecilia said...

ahaha! I had to show my husband a small portion of the original video so he could appreciate your ghetto Lady Gaga. He loved what you did. Kelonda is so bad.

You know what disgusts me? Lady Gaga comes off like she's so strong and all about the performance art. But she's singing about bad romance and debasing herself for an unequal, inferior relationship. Gee that's a great message to be marketing. She's a tool.

Kelonda sings about current events.

Keep creating, GloZell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glozell,

Enjoy your videos. Do you like Whoopi Goldberg? I know now she seems tired and grumpy on the View. But I remember watching a video of her one woman show on Broadway as kid- the one with Fontaine and the little girl who wanted white skin and long hair so she wore a jacket on her head. Even as a kid I knew how amazing and moving it was.

Anyway, I see the videos of your different characters, the video blogging, and blogging from previous years (do more) and I think they could be a show like that. You mentioned doing a one woman show a few months ago. Are you still working on that?

Anon Fan

GloZell said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to show your husband the original then mine. Cool

Thanks so much


GloZell said...

Anon Fan

It cost so much to rent a theater for a one woman show... So not working on that just yet.

Thanks so much... Whoopie is very talented great to be compared to her eary work