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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kelonda's Raunchy Comedy at the World Famous Comedy Store


Anonymous said...

It went GREAT! You were soooo funny! The audience loved Kelonda too. And you seemed very much at home on the stage!!!
Home today. Very cold weather. Our January's have nice mild weather like Hollywood, but also some winter storms. The rains are very beneficial to all the plants and help fill our lakes.
Jim is listening to UT basketball on the radio.
I just talked to Mom & Jean. I sent along this video.
I'm watching "Nat'l Velvet"...
Hi to SK, Mary& Q, Par Par, Leslie, Bob, and Miss Day-Z. It was nice walking in the neighborhood.
Oh, and HI to Nancy and Debbie!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, Thanks!!! You know I love me some Kelonda, not yo Mama! Yes, I am racist! I love her cause she black, she black, she black! Hugs and break a leg on the next stand up gig as you obviously did on this one! Excellent...Penny

Anonymous said...

GloZell! Never mind the negativity above. Comedy is in the eye of the beholder, and I used to find that the more negative I was, the less I laughed. You are talented and HILARIOUS. Keep fulfilling your mission to make us laugh (whatever that may imply culturally speaking, laughter is the true light at the end of the tunnel for me).

<3 a fellow gator