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Monday, January 25, 2010

Live from New York IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!

It just doesn't get better than talking about SNL with the man who help create it Lorne Michaels
Thanks so much for the time and the SNL Tips (Why is my bra strap showing AHHHHH!)


Anonymous said...

Hello from the cave! I'm still getting caught up and have not seen the month's video, but I am enjoying them very much. I always try to comment first on the blog and then go to YOUTUBE.
Your lives there are so exciting. I love reading about you, Mary, Par Par, Leslie, SK, etc. And I did note with a smile that you/SK were holding hands...such a wonderful couple...everyone has arguments, but be honest & apologize when need MD with Bob. And tell the truth about the razor.
Jim saw his nephrologist in Austin this AM and he was pleased with blood...return in 6 mo. Took a sack/had lunch at El Charrito and then we took a nap.

GloZell said...


Hello Cave woman! I am glad you think our lives are exciting. Never dull that's for sure!

I won't lie about the razor... hee hee hee but I won't bring in up either... LOL

Glad Jims Blood work was good.