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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear NBC…It’s GloZell again…

In line today I met Deb, Jim and their son Mark. A great family from Omaha, Nebraska. They had great suggestions for NBC.

1. Get a new television set for the lobby.

When people walk in, one of their first impressions of NBC is that raggedy, RCA TV with the off color. Come on.

2. Up date Tour.

Most of the clips that are of shown at the beginning of the tour, are for shows that have been off the air for years. Jim said, "I thought Johnny Carson was going to walk from behind the screen". Most of the people who go on the tour have never seen the shows that are talked about on the tour! People could care less about the dress that was worn by Deidre Hall on her 3rd marriage on "Days of Our Lives" 1980 (whatever). Deb said, take me back NBC, but please bring me up. They cracked me up all day. Keep the old, and add some new.

3. Up date posters.

Jay’s hair is black in the posters. Hello.

4. It’s a studio that broadcasts shows.

Have televisions that play current show clips in the lobby, so people can go "yeah I’ve watched that show’. As it stands now, my grandmother can say, "yeah I use to watch that show". The TV’s can have the volume turned down. People want to see clips of Scrubs; Vegas, The Office, Deal or no Deal something that’s on the air.

5. Update the selection in the "Gift Shop"!Sizes, colors etc.

Today, I (GloZell) walked some people in line to the lobby, to go to the bathroom and see the "Gift Shop" it’s pitiful. Stay on top of that please. Help me, help you. Okay…

6. Last, but not least, please have the pages take a class in customer service, because they represent the Tonight Show.

The pages are fine during the tour, but its when they are behind the desk their enthusiasm disappears. .

If they don’t feel important or connected to the show, it’s not their fault. As a graduate of University of Florida (Go Gators! who are champions this year) If the team is doing poorly, feeling uninthused, or not playing well. They don’t change the team they change the coach!

I don’t know if there is a person, or a class that is in place to help guide the NBC pages. If you want a great example, go do the WB tour.

It would be nice if a camera man, band member, or other members of the crew, every once in a while say "Hey I hope you have a good time working here", or "good job today", to a page. The pages act like they are the bottom of the totem pole, and they’re not. Jay’s leaving, like it or not, one of those pages could be your boss someday. There needs to be an attitude adjustment, and it’s not just them.

The pages should get a chance to take a picture with Jay, the week they get their uniforms, not when they leave. That way they will be excited to tell the guests that they have met Jay, he’s so nice; I’ve spoken to him, etc.

That meaty Ben Affleck look alike, named Matt, was outside today passing out cards for the show. I will call him Big Ben. He got on my nerves about how he doesn’t like the Gators. Big Ben has a great personality, even though he is not as funny as he thinks he is, everyone loved him.

I have to say that the new page Scott S. is terrific. Jim asked me if he was the head of the pages. I told him Scott has been working here for eight days. He is great!


Jennifer Love Hewitt was beautiful, with full hips. Jennifer, I exercise at 10:00 am, four times a week in line, before the show, come and join me, girl so people won’t think you are pregnant. If you do get pregnant, poof…Sponge Bob Square Pants. Let’s nip that in the bud.

Robert Rodriguez was funny, and I enjoyed his crazy stories about his using his own kids in stunts, for his movies. I hope his gross movie does well, I won’t be seeing it.

Brandi Carlile, had this deer in the headlights look at first, but then she started to sing and her voice was strong and clear. Carlile was in the middle of bald white male twins. Interesting. Great voice!

Remember if you do something you like, you will never work a day in your life…

LoVe Ya,



Mariko said...

I've got another suggestion, nothing big. It would be quite fun to mix up the pre-show warm up a bit. It's a dance-off everytime. How about air guitar? You're best "groan-er" joke? "Special" talents? Could be fun! Especially the air guitar thing. People HAVE to look stupid in an air guitar contest, there's no other choice! That's what makes it so fun!

GloZell said...

Hey mariko thanks for leaving that suggestion, I look forward to hearing more from you. Anyone who would cares about a scared rat in the street, is a strange but caring person.

I think you are great, and I hope The Tonight Show with Jay Leno thinks about changing things a bit. Great suggestion! Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

How is Gerry Buttler doing? Did you stay after the show?

LoVe ya

Mariko said...
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Mariko said...

You ask how he's doing like I should know personally. :P Check out my comment for Tuesday. But I'm just a fan, not a stalker. It's like the difference between drunks and alcoholics; drunks just drink, alcoholics go to meetings. I just clap and cheer, stalkers find his hotel room.

Speaking of which, I'd like to say that pisses me off. Stalkers ruin things for the rest of us. Shoot yourself up with some ritalin, go take a nap, and CALM DOWN. Otherwise, chain yourself to a wall in your basement, because the rest of us don't want to see you.

Also, people who joke about you being a stalker when you're just a genuine fan. STALKING IS NOT FUNNY!! Only THREE things are always funny: Hate, Sex, and Death. We deal with these incredibly serious, epic-scale issues everyday, and the way I see it, humor is the only way we can deal with them without completely going insane. Notice STALKING IS NOT ON THIS LIST!! It's just creepy. Stop it.

I'm off the soap box. Yes, I did stay afterwards for a little bit. ^_^

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Those are great suggestions! It's probably hard for NBC and the Tonight Show to take the critism, but it sounds like they need to see everything through a fresh pair of eyes. It's a lot of work to change up the tour, but it would keep people coming back (maybe a once a year visit) and it's just self promotion for the network.

The pages are soooooo important. They are everyones first impression like the valets at a fine hotel, if the valet guys are rude, the hotel already has a strike against it and that's before you even get to walk through the doors.

It would be great if they had a clip package from the best moments of the NBC shows from the past year or so, that would keep everyone entertained - and again it's just more self promotion for the entire network. They have a captive audience for at least 40 minutes before the taping starts as they pile everyone into the studio - if I saw a funny clip from "my name is earl" I might want to watch (I already do, but you get the point)

Anonymous said...

Hey cuz
I cuz. I read your blog eveyday then when i get home i watch the recording to see look out for the things you point out. I look forward to reading this every day. Keep up the good work.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

and like your cuz said, I watch to see the funny things you point out too, otherwise I'd be in bed way earlier!

Anonymous said...

Hey GloZell,

Michael here. Personally, I think you're one the funniest things going. I agree with Metro blogger, your candidness is great, and if NBC had any brains at all, they'd listen to the complaints you pick up on in the line and do a few changes.

I've taken the tour and it's old. I happen to be old enough to know what they are talking about, but they present it in such an archaic way.

They need to hire somebody outside the fold to write them a new tour.

Keep up the amazing work, and keep telling it as it is!

LoVe Ya BaCk,


GloZell said...

Mariko thanks for your update on life, you are very funny in a bitter twisted way! Hope your classes are going well...

Fightin' Mad Mary, thank you so much for your imput, I just can't thank you enough!

Chelsa, you are the leader in my Florida fan club. You know my mom is tripping because of my Saturday posts. Thanks for being a family member who still speaks to me along with Nicky! It means alot to me way in California without family.

LoVe Ya,


Anonymous said...

When I went on the NBC tour, I went to see the dress Deidre Hall wore.

Mark said...

Hey it's Mark that ya met today! Yeah, NBC is a TV station - they need to be at the top of there game with the Tour! GloZell you are such an asset to NBC because right now there is noone out there to help out the fans but you. Questions about the show, other shows, the general area, and even where to get tickets show up more often than NBC Studios would think and you have helped clear up their flawed system. I'll be getting you those pics ASAP.

P.S. Thanks for the picture with Jay info! We ended up having a great time thanks to you and the show was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey GloZell...I just want to know,.. HOW ARE YOU LIVING? Has Jay Leno given you a frontwoman job? I heard you have a "Ghetto tour". My friends and I are concerned about your well-being on the west coast. Come home GloZell....come home!!!

PS: Your friends on the east coast are concerned. Even one that is an actor and no longer speaks to you ( didn't hear that from me but you know Glo. Uh, know!) FYI: Jabberjaws...that ring a bell?