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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GloZell talks to a Moron!...

Monday 4-16-07 I heard a guy say, "My knife got into the studio. The security guard saw it and told me I can’t take a knife into the studio. I told him it wasn’t a knife and the security guard said Okay". They were just laughing away. I didn’t see the knife but I believed him.

Thursday 4-19-07 a guest took a gun into the studio. (I saw it) There was a new security guard that didn’t even turn on his flashlight to look inside the bags or purses. If he had, he would have seen it. I didn’t say anything because I was thinking that if I tell anyone this person would know it was me and be waiting for me after the show.

I couldn’t sleep all weekend. I wrote a letter and gave it to Officer "S" the Monday cop at the show 4-23-07. I gave another copy to Andy the on stage guard AKA "The Hair". I wrote the letter because I didn’t want anyone to think I would put this on a blog.

Today Mr. "N" spoke to me about what happened. (I guess he is the head of security?) He didn’t say who he was but I was happy to tell him what happened. Mr. "N" said that if he saw a gun he would call the police right away. He also went on to say that he saw a gang member with a gun one time (not at the show) and he called 911. He said anyone with common sense would have told when it happened.

Mr. "N" you are an idiot. Even if you didn’t believe me, you could have said thank you for your information. The way you flip things around is the reason people don’t tell what they see. I don’t care about your stupid gang story. The only gang I was in was Troop 253 AKA the "Girl Scouts". Which seems to have been better training than you have had.

No bags or purses go through the metal detectors. This is unacceptable! You should be fired! The only reason this is on my blog is because; Jay and the staff need to know that they are unprotected and that you don’t care. I don’t talk to everyone, and I don’t hear everything but I bet I know more than you do. Now who do I go to?

I told you that I gave officer "S" the note yesterday. You asked me who is Officer "S". The cop who comes to the show every Monday! You didn’t know that?

Mr. "N" you asked me what is my job. I do the same as you… Nothing! But you are responsible for the safety of a lot of people and I am not. Go watch N.Y.P.D. Blue and take notes. Are you the chief of police? I hope not. If so, I bet, the inmates run the prison.

Later on today the security guards tried something new. They wand us down before we walked into the studio.(Great) My jacket beeps so the guy asks me to take off my jacket, he wands me down again. The Jacket beeped and it wasn’t looked at? Then they were pressed for time. Security need to come out earlier now. I guess its about money and you don’t want to pay them for the extra time it takes to make sure everyone is safe. Do you know how bad it’s got to be if I’m the smartest one?

I like all of the outside guards but it’s about safety and they do what the boss tells them.

Today’s cop officer "A" stood outside with coffee in one hand and talking on the cell phone in the other with his back turned away from the line for about 10 minutes. Then when he went inside sat down. Unacceptable! Officer "A"needs to be fired also!

As the poet, Alec Baldwin said, "You are a stupid little pig!"

I'm glad I got that out of the way! Now on to the best part of the day!

I met Amy and John who got a picture with Jay ! They are from Massachusetts celebrating their 15th Wedding Anniversary !

I met and fell in love with Derek a, gambler from Monroe Michigan. I hope his wife doesn't mind. He is in town because his sister is getting married. Derek loves Bill Maher!


Bill Maher who I love! He talked about freedom of speech. Bill is fair and speaks his mind. I respect him.

Sig and Edgar Hansen from the show" The Deadliest Catch". They got a little raunchy.

Amy Winehouse was the musical guest. Her voice is strong and people love her. I was blown away by how tiny she is. I’ve seen her videos. I bet she wasn’t even a size 2. Amy is a little scary looking but I think that’s her appeal.

Remember, do the right thing…

LoVe Ya,



Dan the Man said...

you are crazy and need to get a life!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Glo's not crazy, she's a comedian! Do you have any idea how much material she gets just from meeting people in line at the Tonight show?

NBC should put her on the payroll. NBC could have a new correspondent on the Tonight Show - how about "Glozell reports from the Tonight Show line" on interesting people who are in the audience.

A lot of postive changes have happenend because of her rants on this blog.

About the gun - She could have told NBC the day of the show BUT...

-would NBC security have walked Glo to her car?

-would NBC security be there the next morning to protect her when she is in line at 8am? What about the next day or the day after that.... the person with the gun could easily get mad at Glo and want revenge for getting kicked out.

-isn't it more imporant that NBC changes the way they screen people for weapons? (I went to a tapping of Friends a while back and I couldn't even bring my cell phone into the studio!)

Dan if you really think that Glo is crazy, YOU need to get a life!

GloZell said...

Dan the man. Have I met you? I have a life and you are reading about it so ha! Keep on blogging on, and thank you so much.

fightin' Mad Mary you always have my back. Thanks so much! I can't believe what happens around here. I can't even blog it all. Thanks so much!Wow you really broke it down! Thanks!

I can't thank you enough for every thing you have done and said. I'm glad you came to the show that day. We have been friends ever since!