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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tickle me Leno…LoVe Glo…

In the line today I sat next to Mariko who is the funniest person I have met in the line. I met her the last month when Gerard Butler was on the show. Mariko is a member of Gerard one of the many fan clubs for this man.

There was a rat, that tried to cross the street, got scared half way and stopped in the middle of the road. Mariko got a bag and helped the rat out of the street, so it wouldn’t get hit. I guess it ran away to Taco Bell?

Mariko is a student at USC film school but doesn’t care for George Lucas’s Films; she only likes his technical side. Her major is Film Production and Sociology. Mariko also had condoms advertising the movie "300" staring Gerard Butler; maybe she likes his technical side.

Somer was playing hooky from her job at MidEvil Times. Somer says that Gerard Butler inspires her because his parents wanted him to be a lawyer, (Which he did become) but he decided to act, and it turned to be the right thing. Somer has been discouraged to follow her dreams, so she looks up to Gerard Butler for inspiration.

Also in line, I met a mother-daughter team. Brittany Javers and her mother Jackie Javers who was the only one I met who was there to see Tim McGraw.

On Sunday, they were on Sunset drive on their way to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion on Charing Cross Rd. when an alien looking brown car almost hit them. Jackie said, what a jerk! They realized it was Jay Leno and followed him up to the 405 freeway and he got away. (They said they would e-mail me some pictures) They love Leno.

Congratulations to the 15-year-old I met hours before the show, who enjoyed the show, and the parents who lied to get her in.

In the studio, Mariko and I, just looked at Mike, the stage manager’s, rump. He walks back and forth in his jeans with the little hole on the right pocket. (Come on, I know you look, Mike got some ba-donkey-donk, and it looks good) The next time Mariko comes to the show, we are going to have 10 dollars worth of quarters to bounce of his behind. God Bless America!

Mariko got to take a picture with Jay Leno. I didn’t think she would. Mariko asked me to take it with her.

I froze! I can’t look into Jay’s beautiful blue eyes. Jay had two buttons unbutton. Wow! I love those days when I can see more of his chest. He put his arm around me for the picture and at that moment, I don’t think I could have told you my name. (Jay Leno does it for me) Oh, no! I have white man fever.


During the monologue, Jay talked about how people can’t tickle themselves and Kevin put his funny 2 cents in. Here’s my 2 cents Kevin. Where else does any member of the band plays? (Except Smitty) I know you guys know more than the 8 songs. I have been listing to you guys for almost a year. I’m assuming it’s because of copyrights or royalties. Let me know.

Gerard Butler has the most committed fans I have ever seen. They love him so much. I loved him in Phantom of the Opera. During the movie I was thinking, I don’t know who that guy is with that half of plate on his face, but he is gorgeous. Gerard Butler is funny and that accent drives the women (and some men) wild. It’s a great time when he’s here.

Tim McGraw had on a big hat. It made me sing "I hanker for a hunk of cheese". Tim also looked sexy. A guy in his band was playing some kind of slide guitar, it was cool. He sounded great and I loved his song and his jeans. (Calm down, GloZell)

I need to go to W.M.R., White Man Rehab…

I’m still exercising in line before the show.

Remember, Once you go white…

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Have the shows been very busy this week? Im trying to get tonight show tickets but when ever I call they say every seat is full!!! In your pictures it looks emptier than when ever I go

GloZell said...

People have been comming around 2:oopm. It hasn't been that busy for spring break, I would think.

They give out tickets every morning at 8:ooam M-Friday, the day of the show.

Thanks for bloging on, please keep reading!


Mariko said...

Wow, way to make me look like a pervert, GloZell! :P YOU'RE the one who wanted to bounce quarters off his butt, I just said it was a fun idea. Tell you what, I'll be the accomplice. I'll hand you the quarter, you toss it.

By the way, you know how after you made the afore mentioned comment, I kinda slumped over my arm rest, laughing? Well, I think when I sat back up, I inadvertently entered into a very weird staring contest with Butler. Now, I could be wrong, and he was infact just staring off into space, but I coulda sworn there was eye contact. For my part, I held it for about 15 seconds before I broke down. Didn't see what happened next. Too busy trying to stop the BURNING!!! ...sensation in my eyes.

Oh, by the way, guess who I ran into around the side gate looking for an autograph? Give you a hint... a color closely related to Tinky-Winky of the Teletubbies. That's right, LAVENDER!! Once again, she was out there with her queue anxiety in full swing! Somer was trying to organize the people outside into some form of line, and once again, she blew a gasket. Started yelling at people that she was first, blah-bitty blah. I'll bet you anything that she was the kid in elementary school that yelled at people for holding up the lunch line. You all were yelled at by that kid at least once, don't try to tell me otherwise!! :P

Aaaaannnyway, I was not successful in my misson to get the condom signed. *shakes fist in the air* I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, BUTLEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!! *runs away to secluded fortress of evil up in the mountains while the henchmen cover the getaway*
Mariko's the name, Supervillainy the game.

Speaking of game, I just wanna say if anybody's got game, it's the crew on the show, especially the camera guys and the TD. Camera guys, the trucking moves you do are so cool, and seriously taken for granted, I think. I interned at a news station where they did trucking moves in their broadcasts, and it was harder than hell to do! It takes tons of practice, so mad props to you guys for doing it so well! And Mr. Technical Director, sir, mad props to you as well for helping to bring a great cut to the viewers at home!

OK, finally, as per GloZell's request, I'd like to briefly mention something that pisses me off. Stupid people in large numbers.

Alright, I'm done.

GloZell said...

Mariko you are so funny, I can't believe that Lavender was there. I don't think she went to the show. Gerry has the most die-hard fans in the world. I love your out look on life!

LoVe Ya,

Tomas said...

Hi Glozell! I just wanted to thank you for the entertainment and good info that you and Mariko gave us while waiting in the line on April 2nd. Don't know if you remember me but I was the one that came around 11am and only had the stand-by tickets initially and was sitting next to Brittany and Jackie. Anyway I love your site! I hope to visit LA some day again and see the show again, it was an experience!