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Thursday, April 05, 2007

GloZell's Beaver

In line today, I met Dan Wereszynski, who is a Flight Attendant and his, parents from Manhattan, N.Y. Dan paid for his parents to travel to California in order to see Jay Leno and the Price is Right because it’s his mother’s birthday. They were on the second row at the Price is right and they took a picture with Jay. Happy B-day!

In GloZell’s VIP section, was Susie Ault, from California and Jean Davis, and Suzie Zanin, who are from the town of Ideal, South Dakota and their 4H-club mascot was the Beavers. They took a picture with Jay and told him they were Ideal Beavers.

I also tried to learn how to play Hacky Sack, from Zach, and Jeffrey who attend a Nazarene College in California. (Go Jesus!)

Also in the outside line was the proudest grandmother ever named Evie. Her grandson, Mark is the drummer for the young hot group the Sick Puppies, who were performing today on the show. Evie passed out flyers, and everything. Also in line was his sister Melissa, father Mark, Uncle and mother Diane. Diane got Mark his first drum set when he was 9 years, old out of a penny saver. Great investment! They were so proud of him.

I don’t know why they couldn’t get on the guest list, their son was on the show and they waited outside since 11:00 AM.

It must be hard for the person who picks the front row people for the show. Everyday he has to pick young, diverse, multicultural people whom are hot. I have seen a few beowolves get to the front, but for the most part, they are pretty people. I fear for him. One day a huge ugly woman, who has traveled cross country to plop her girth on the front row in order to touch Jays hand is going to pimp slap him one day. He should have a bodyguard.

I found out, through my sources, that the P.A. who looks like a broke Ben Affleck is single ladies! I know, how can this be?

He loves his mother, and his bunny slippers. Let me know if you are interested in dating the fake Ben Affleck. He is funny, you will have a great time.


The Oak Ridge Boys! They made a guest appearance, I was so happy. I love country music .and they sang Elvira during the break. Giddy-Up, baboom, boppa, baboom, boppa, bow, bow… I love the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Craig T. Nelson is bald and has long hair in the back. The only person I’ve seen pull that off is Sandy who works with the band. Cut your hair, Craig you are bald and only fooling yourself. You look silly!

Molly Shannon is a little quirky, and a lot funny. I met her Saturday night 10:34 PM at an ATM at B of A. I told her that I was a fan. Molly seemed so happy. I didn’t tell her I go to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno every day because I didn’t think she would ever be on the show. Now, I wish I had mentioned it.

Sick Puppies rocked! They were edgy and fresh. The drummer was smoking hot! The whole band looked hot.(all three) I don’t’ know who does the sets for the guest band on the show, but it was awesome! Strings of light bulbs were flashing to the beats towards the end of the song. Great job, set decorators!

I’m still exercising, because I have clothes that I can’t fit in anymore, and I’m not going to by new ones. Yes, I had camel crotch today, but I’m working on that! I can’t help, at this point, that my clothes are too tight and are gathering around my flower. I work out in front of the line 10:00 AM to almost 11:00 AM… I’m doing the best I can, with what I got, people!

Remember, timing is everything…

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Good morning Glo
Hey my father is not upset that you used his name. He likes when someone speaks well about him. the issue is he does not like you putting our buisness (black people)in the street. He thinks that we all know the negative things that are wrong with us but it does not need to be posted to the world. I know my fauts but I will not tell any one. Let them find out for themselvs. He has no bad feelings (well not to bad) about you dating a white guy (hey isn't his name Richard too?) it is because you have given up on black men and are telling the world. For the record it took a while but David(my husband) is a GREAT black man.

Dan Wereszynski said...

Hey GloZell,

My parents had a blast at the show. This will be a Birthday they will never forget (having gotten a picture with Jay on the set). My dad said Jay is a class act.....AND HE IS!!!!! I'm so happy to have met you. You are a great person and keep all the people in line entertained just by being you. The pictures will be coming very soon. Just e-mail me so I can have your e-mail address and then send you all the pictures. Now I can die a happy man since I got my Leno picture. I swore to myself that I would come back and get it, and now I have it with my parents. After the show, we went out to eat, and my parents had nothing but great words for the show, Burbank and you. Nice to have seen the show and you. Maybe we'll do it again.

Dan Wereszynski

GloZell said...

I think there are some great black men, I'm just saying why I'm dating a white man at this pint in my life. I'm not putting down black men, just some of the ones I have met.

I think it's great that Uncle Richard thinks I can broadcast to the world. From his lips to God's ears. I'm not sure if he read the blog or not, but this is just some things that has happened to me.

There are negative things about all types of people and positive thing also. Please write a blog and post the wonderful times you have had with black men and I will read it everyday!

I think that older black men should teach the younger ones a thing or two. And by younger I mean 20-50.

Black men in California might be diffrent in Florida. If you know any black men who dosn't drink, smoke,curse,have children, go to church regularly, college educated, lives alone and has a car, no gold teeth, and a plain hair cut( no locks or braids), no pinky rings or long pinky fingernails. Please let me know so I can tell the world that also. I know they are out there and I don't mind helping other black women to find them.

I am done at this point and time. I know some great black men in California( ok one, name Q ) who is most of those things and is married to a beautiful white woman and it's all good.

I can't win for loosing. I liked a black guy named Dornell but your Aunt didn't like him. It dosn't matter because I'm happy.

Thanks for blogging on and say hi to your mother who is marraied to a white man!I miss her because she was the only one in the family with fashion sense!I hope to see her someday.

LoVe Ya

GloZell said...

Hey Dan! Thank you for your blog. You are the type of guy I could hang around. Hope you and your family visit again.

I was so happy when you got yur picture with Jay! I'm extra happy that both of your parents were in the picture and I met you. Take care and be careful flying around in the sky.


Cheryl said...

My friend Kelly Tollett and her friend who is from LA originally went to Jay Leno the night Tim McGraw was on in April. She told me she met you in line and she had fun talking to you. Well, my two teenage sons and my husband are going to LA (from Naples, FL) on May 8th and we have tickets to The Tonight Show May 10th. I hope we get to meet you! What time should we get in line? Is there anywhere to eat around there? How far is Burbank from Hollywood? We are staying at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel( next to the Kodak Center). Is there anything around there that is worth checking out? The NBC Studios? Do you think my husband and son's could go on a tour of the NBC STudio's while I wait in line to save them a space? Or would that be frowned on? My husband and I really want to go to the Tonight Show , but my boys aren't excited about waiting in line for hours. I don't mind because I love meeting people. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! I think Cameron Diaz and Nelly are the guests on May 10. We got our tickets through the mail. Thank you!!!! Cheryl