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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why GloZell is dating a white Man… part 3

Why GloZell is dating a white Man… part 3

Robinson Family on Blast…

Dear Uncle "R",

Hope all is well. What is the real deal with you? Why not write me back directly? Why did you have to upset my mother. (I realize that might be her own doing, she can be a little dramatic.)

Uncle "R" you can a bully. You get loud and you always have to be right. Take some anger management classes. No one stands up to you because you have money, and you are tall.

My mother called, and said don’t upset Uncle "R". Remember, he paid for that trip when we went to see you perform on the show "ShowTime at the Apollo" four years ago.

And I haven’t forgotten the times I was in Tampa auditioning, one of the times you took me bowling! That was great. Thanks for paying for the trip and the food. Us Robinson’s don’t ever talk about anything, because you get so heated up. I think this white thing is a big deal to you because you ex wife couldn’t take your "I’m right and that’s it" ways and left. On top of that, she married a white man. That must make you sick.

"C" didn’t want you to walk her down the aisle, at her wedding, to a black man. And "C", I know "D" is a good black man because he asked me out first. But that was before he got his eye fixed, so maybe you thought he was talking to you. Anyway, he ended up with the right person!

Nobody in the family could figure out why we weren’t invited to your wedding, "C". Was it because of your father? (Uncle "R") It had to be. That was hard. We all have issues about you not inviting us to your wedding! I’m just keeping it real; we still talk about that, behind your back. Only because we were happy for you, and loved you, then poof, you don’t know us. I’m sorry for the terrible things I wrote in your guest book on your wedding day.

When you want to show off your wedding pictures, that’s what is going through our minds. Why is she showing us pictures of a wedding that she didn’t want us to come to? Then it starts all over.

Your husband "D" is great. Let not forget your first babies’ daddy and how good for nothing, he was. (I hope that he does better now) Who was there for you, The Robinson’s! Your father stepped up to the plate, in the only way he knew how, babysitting, and giving you a jeep!

Now that you got your husband, which is a great accomplishment, because nobody thought it would happen, including you. And it’s going well. "D" is a great black man!

I find it interesting that you freak, if anyone refers to you as a Robinson. Whatever issues you have with your father I hope they get resolved. We have this great reputation and everyone treats us special because we are "The Robinson’s". We were the first back people to have a color TV on the whole street, we owned property and a Sundry store. Out of six children, all six finished college. I am very proud of that. It is a huge accomplishment by Grandmother and Grandfather.

I’m glad that you have been bloggin on, and keeping it real. I will put myself on blast, but I have some other family members to blast first. Since I’m in trouble, anyway with our family I have nothing to loose, and one-day (A long way off, I hope) when I die I will know that I have gotten everything off my chest. Hey, I fell good now. I’m scared to push send button but I’m going to.

I know I’m a Wi-Otch when I’m in Florida and California isn’t far enough away, now. I’m tired of pretending! I really hope your mother is fine. I haven’t seen her since your wedding, but that was high drama. I didn’t mind her leaving, Uncle "R", but not us… not me. She could have kept in touch with my mother. She didn’t have to divorce us all!

Once when I was complaining about how ugly I was, (which is hard to believe because I’m so hot now) Auntie(Your mother ) talked to me about makeup. Another time, she gave me a writing pen with an eagle on it that had a bible verse that told me I can mount up like a eagle . (I think I was 10) When she left, I was mad, and didn’t know how to call or nothing for many years ago.

I know, now, she had to do what she had to do. Please tell her that I loved her, and all of her fancy clothes and jewels. You know I was always into that stuff! I use to be much more shallow, (Hard to believe).

One day, if I manage to find someone who will put up with me, I would hope it would be you, Uncle "R", to walk me down the aisle… If you have decided to talk to me by then.

I will not answer my phone this week if it is a Florida number.

Forget Jay Leno, our family needs Oprah…

LoVe Ya,

The new blackest sheep of the family…



Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I just know you must have gotten some calls over the weekend about THIS post.

I still want to hear about more bad dates, black or white.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cuz. Nickie.

Wow. Hmmm. Don't really know what to say except what I told you over the weekend when you told me you had put this stuff out there.

Well, all I can say is you are not going to be able to stay at home for awhile and will have to come to my house when you come this way. As I told you, you are not right for putting this out here like this, but we can pick our friends, not our family and we love you anyway.

I know where you are emotionally, but just realize that everyone is not accepting or ready to hear what you have to say, good, bad, or indifferent. True, it may be hard to say what you really want to say to people, but the feed back you may get is not necessarily correct or productive. You are putting yourself out there to be hurt this way.

It's your blog, but I will make a suggestion to you: How about putting your real feelings at somewhere like and send an email to family members to look at and/or respond to your posts there? This way you can get it out, we can hash it out, but random people who don't really know or who can realy respond won't be putting their two cents in. Also, you can address your issues, because you do have some AND THEY ARE VALID, no matter what others inside or outside the family may think.


GloZell said...

Fightin' Mad Mary I will be back on track with my horrible dates. Thanks for keeping me focused...

Cuz, Nickie thanks for the call and the great information about praying before blogging. I will take you up on that offer of staying with you when/ if I go back to Florida.Thanks.

LoVe Ya

Begirl said...

GloZell, Girl I am sorry you are having a family drama. But I have to say I was cracking up with laughter. I was having a sucky day, on the verge of tears and now my stomach hurts from laughter. I am sure you are probably thinking my pain is not funny. Perhaps your purpose today was to make me laugh and feel good. If so, job well done. Btw, therapy works just as well. Thank you, Bernadette

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