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Monday, June 11, 2007

Glo says thanks to CBS Studio…

In July, I will be teaching VBS (Vacation Bible School) for a week. I’ve been worried about getting into the show that week. Yesterday a lady named Virginia whose daughter works for CBS Studios went to a silent auction and thought of me.
She purchased A Tonight Show with Jay Leno hat, autographed T-shirt, autographed picture and two passes to use any day for the show. Thanks! CBS =1 point NBC =0.

There are Elders at my church that are willing to sit and hold a spot for me during the other four days of that week. I just don’t know how to say thanks.


AMANDA: Amanda is in love with John Mayer and has followed him to his last five concerts. She dosn't like his feet. Amanda saw William Shatner, Sarah Silverman, at his concert last night. Amanda has "Borderline Personality Disorder" and she said she would fight anyone who gets in her way of Mayer. Amanda works at Nordstrom’s at the makeup counter for NARS.

Stephanie met Amanda during their love for N-sync. Stephanie tatted her back.Stephanie thinks that John Mayer is too thin. She is glad that John dumped Jessica Simpson, and loves the way he jams on the guitar. Steph has met Justin Timberlake and he acted like a hole towards her.Right when I was talking to Stephanie. I noticed that Amanda went under the caution tape to get closer to John during his rehearsal.

Wanda Sykes. The audience loves her. I liked that she was dressed conservative with a hit of sexy. (She has on killer heels). Wanda has a blonde tapered Afro hairstyle. She talked about where she slapped her hot wax girl. Love her!

7-year old Quadruplets. They looked a like. Jay made faces and made them laugh when we were outside for the concert. Jay is great with kids ( No, I don’t want to have Jay’s strong chin gray Afro babies)

John Mayer was thin but he looked and sounded good. Vicky (band singer) came out to hear him. John’s band is the strangest collection of people. Everyone enjoyed him.

Amanda and Stephanie rocking to John’s rehearsal.
Matt who turned 16 today (same birthday as his mother, and his brothers) his grandparents took Maryann and Carl took him to the show. I told them to be in the second line anytime before 2 pm. they, came at 2:19. They didn’t make it into the show but they made my blog. Happy B-day anyway!

I met Lori! The page Matt’s mom. I saw her Friday in this cute black top and today she was working it again. She looks to young to be Matt’s mother. I bet all Matt’s friends wanted to come over to his house. Lori it was my pleasure meeting you. You have a great son and an awesome personality. Stay hot!

Remember, Keep waiting, waiting for the world to change…

LoVe Ya,



MsAmandaJayne said...

Oh Ms Glo...

It was so nice to meet you and keep you entertained. Next time John is on Leno, you know i am going to see you... Notice I didnt say see John.

Now my shoulders have a wicked sunburn, butI blame him.

Love ya!

GloZell said...

Thanks so much, I hope John is back soon because that was a fun day and it was nice meeting you!

Take care! Stay fun!

crazy mary Ann said...

Hi Glozell, Remember me I am the Grandma that took her Grandson to see Jay Leno on his 16th Birthday that is also his mothers and brothers on the same day. You are such a sweetheart and we loved you. Thanks for posting us on your blog. Keep in touch with us
love you
Crazy Grandma Mary Ann

GloZell said...

Hey Crazy Mary Ann! It was great meeting you,and your family! See you next Birthday on time!

Take Care,