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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

GloZell is Looney for Clooney…


Lauren and Gina who were in line since 5:00 AM to see George Clooney!
Lauren and Gina did their makeup and curled their eyelashes to look good for George!

Lauren CRIED the WHOLE time Gorge Clooney was on the stage.

Brace yourself…

Eileen drove seven hours from Carmel California to see Gorge Clooney. November she felt like she was having a heart attack. The pain was so bad she said "Lord take me". Then she thought, " My only regret in life is that I haven’t met George Clooney". She lived, and came to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to see George. Eileen said, after seeing Gorge live, she can die in peace. Eileen said she knew a producer name Gabe.

Eileen wore her Cinderella slippers for George.

Elmer works at Sprucedale Ranch (his family owns it) You can ride horses, milk cows, line dance, do cattle roundups and much more. For more info. Elmer said he "Eats raw meat and sleeps naked in the snow".

The ladies of the Tonight show looked great today. Debbie Producer/Cue Card writer,
Pointed boots lady and the woman that had on the blue jeans. Yep, it summer!

There's a guy who works for the show, with thick black hair and a Gorge Michael starter beard, who has lost at least 25 pounds this year. You look great!


George Clooney. The place was packed; so many people had to turned away today. George talked about how some girl paid 300 thousand dollars to kiss him for charity. DEBBIE GOT TO FOR FREE ! (I’ve got to become hot)

I’m going to work out like Naughton who is a Master Tech. for the show!

The Zimmers are the oldest rock band. The lead singer is 90. The raunchy one is 99. Tune in to hear her adult poem, and why she spread her legs when she is told.

Rihanna was the musical guest. I met Kaitlin and Lara who loves the card game "Hand and Foot" they saw Rihanna perform Sunday June 3rd at the MTV Music Award Show. They said she stunk because she was so bad at lip-syncing. Kaitln and Lara enjoyed Rihanna’s live singing today!

Lauren has a heart locket with George’s picture in it.

Remember, find fun people…

LoVe Ya,



Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Lauren (the crier/make up girl). I just read some of your awesome! Jay is such a wonderful guy & as long as George is the guest I will keep going back! (AND crying!) Take care!
-Lauren (george's crying fan)

GloZell said...

You are so cute. I watched you cry and change seats and cry. I'm glad the show was fun for you. I hope George comes back because he has crazy fun fans!

Let me know what you think of Oceans 13...

I think you are George's #1 fan!

Take care,