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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

GloZell, everyone loves Bob…

Today is Bob Barker’s last day of the "Price is Right". But don’t be sad. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has a Bob… Bob Perlo the "Warm up Comedian"!

I met Mary who use to work for Saturday Night Live! Mary told great stories. She also said the Will Ferrell is not a nice guy. I have to edit her story, but if I write a book, this whole day would be in it.

Mary was waiting all day for a guy from her work(who she is in love with) that is from Israel, to come to the show. He shows up and every one in line looks at her like, honey that man is gay. He wanted me to keep up my fake British accent and he would take both of us, and a falaffel. Okay he is not gay, he is a freak! I think he is a very sexual person and if that’s what she is into. God Bless!

Speaking of Gay…

The most interesting lesbians in the world sat next to me. Emily and her partner Bex. (AKA Heifer). They have been together for 18 months and can’t keep their hands off each other.

Emily took out some cream, put it on her pinky finger and rubbed it on the inside of Bex lip, because Bex had a Canker Sore. Then Emily licked that same finger because she likes the taste of the cream.

Lesbian love must be different from anything I know. I will never ever love someone enough to touch their sores with my bear fingers and lick the ointment off my hands. I will never love that much. I will never love that much. Never.

Emily and Bex were interesting. They are on a 14-week holiday from the UK. They said Hollywood Hostels are the worst in the world. I enjoyed them because they don’t care what anyone thinks about them. I’m glad I met them. They are blogging their travels.


Bernie Mac. Okay

Dear Bernie Mac,
You are so black, I bet your shadow gets lost.
Why did you wear a peach colored outfit today?
You looked like a Plantation Popsicle.
LoVe GloZell

Bernie Mac sat with his legs as far apart as possible to make room for his stomach that touched the chair. He is Oceans 14, 15, and 16 all by himself.

Cat Deeley a Brit., who is more beautiful in person than on the telly. She bought a house next to Jay Leno. I guess it’s his Beverly Hills flat. Maybe I can come over for a spot of tea.

Chris Cornell was the musical guest. He is hot. The music was so loud we couldn’t hear his voice at all. I’m sure it won’t sound that way when the show airs.

Tony the head Of Security. Great job, those girls were totally going to jump on the stage to meet Chris Cornell. You were on it. The securities on bikes and on foot are doing a great job!

I met Sara from Michigan who is in town to thank Dr. Shahinian who removed a golf ball size tumor from her brain 6 months ago. Sara found out she had the tumor months after she found out she was pregnant. Because of the Internet, her husband found the one doctor in the world who wouldn’t remove part of her brain to get the tumor. She is a miracle and the baby is healthy.

Remember; make sure your friends know that you accept them as they are…


LoVe Ya,



Bex and Em said...

Ace meeting you today, you really did make our day, and thank you for the brilliant write up, we feel honoured to be included! Bloody Brilliant Blog, but where are the pictures ey?
Our writing journal is we're gonna link people to your site from ours...
Toodle pip my old love,
Em and Bex

GloZell said...

Hi Ace meeting you as well mate! I love you both! Have safe travels and please keep in touch.

Pip,pip and all that jazz...

LoVe Ya,


People wish they had the love you guys have!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

You get to meet some of the most interesting people GloZell, lucky you!

Brianna said...

hello. i'm a new reader...came over from fightin mad mary. do you go to the Jay show everyday? do you work there? i've lived in the valley for most of my life, in fact i live pretty close to the studio. i see the line for Jay when i drive by (you were probably there :)) but i've never been to a taping. i should do that - i should go to a taping one of these days...

GloZell said...

Brianna, You have never gone to a Tonight Show with Jay Leno show! I will forgive you.

First of all, you have great taste in blogs. Fightn'Mad Mary's is the best one of all.

Please let me know when you want to come to the show or when you are comming to the show. At guest relations they give out tickets at 8 AM. the day of the show.

It is great. You will see so many things that go on before the show.

I can't take pictures inside the studio. But I will tell you what to look for. I call it GloZell's gehtto tour.

Billy the Cig, Andy "The Hair", Billy the Toothpick, Greg the Racecar Driver, Tony the head of security, Jeff the De-linter. Jack "The Bunz" Debbie\Cue Card writer and she is a producer! Pointed Boots, The Jeans, DJ Phil etc. All before the show starts. I love it, and you will too.

Thanks for blogging on! I hope to see you soon.


GloZell said...

Fightn' Mad Mary one of the best things to come out of this blog is meeting you. I knew when you walked up on that crazy day in the show line, (it's been a little wacky ever since) that you were a great person.

You being in televsion was a plus. The shows you have edited are great. I love that you have made me climb Mountains.

The Tonight Show has made me climb them also.

Take Care

Mary said...

I was a little scared to log on and see what you might write! Cheers to a brilliant blog, and all that British fancy other stuff I would say if I were a bloody brit. But I'm not so I can't and I won't. Let me know if you ever want to share a falafel!

GloZell said...

Mary did you go on a date with the freaky guy? I think you sell yourself too short. You should be with someone who only wants you.

You waited for him all day and he has nice eyebrows but he just not that in to you. He's into alot of "things".

Since you live in California I would love to share a falafel, it looked good. I'm glad you left a message because I was hoping you weren't mad.

We all have like someone that didn't want us in the same way. You just work on geting your writing out there and better men will line up for you because it will be time.

You have to focus on you. Mary you are young. Remember the advice from Emily the lez.

Any time you want, you can leave a message about anything. get your writing work out. Talk about your life. I knew you for 5 hours and your life is very interesting.

Thanks for celibrating Bob Perlo Day... I hope you had fun. And don't put anyone before yourself.

Take care Mary from the OC.


Anonymous said...

Bob Perlow (there's a "w" at the end; Jay misspells his name in the book!) is the man! Did you know he and another friend of Jay's named Gene Braunstein wrote for a whole bunch of 1980s and 1990s sitcoms, including Full House and Who's The Boss? I think Bob was a little shocked that I found him on Myspace but he's played a big part in getting me out to LA in November!

Dan, Dan the Leno fan :oD

GloZell said...

Dan, you know everything!

I don't feel so bad about all the spelling errors I make. Bob's name was spelled wrong in Jay's book.

I can't believe it! Dan you are da man. I guess they are not that close. I wonder how Bob feels about that. It's been so long now.

Thanks for the information. I know you are counting down till you go to the show.

Take care,