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Monday, June 04, 2007

What the Zell was that?...

When I arrived to stand in line I noticed the hedges where nice and trimmed and the ground was washed. Miguel and Guillermo do a great job of making sure it looks good outside for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno audience.

Miguel pulled a broken palm tree branch.

I love them. They gave me lunch. I don’t know what it was, but it tasted very good!

Tatyanna the greatest Page of all Ms. T is professional and charming. She balanced, being cool with her co-workers and also telling them what to do. I’m glad she will continue to work for NBC after her Page time is up. It’s an honor for NBC. (Trust and believe that

Sunday I watched I love the 70's on VH1. John Melendez was on the show. I thought he looked good. (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno have been on vacation too long)


Marylu Gates and her son Robert. I have met them three times now. They are enjoying a three-week vacation.

Robert is a Sexy Engineer Major at Virginia Tech. (I asked to see his ID) He is a nice person, but not a morning person.

The pages dropped the ball today. The information was there but no energy at all. Please watch the Page Scott S.

Thank goodness for Bob Perlo! His warm up was great! He has a core thing that he does everyday but he intertwines that with his fresh improv skills mixed with the creative tunes of DJ Phil. Jay and Bob was in an improv group named "Fresh Fruit Cocktail" in the 70’s.

Security was good today. Mr. Kung Pao or what ever the Asian guy’s name is caught someone sneaking some water in the dark on the last row. I think he is a Ninja.


Jessica Alba was beautiful and bright. Her dress was hot pink with red shoes. It was Jessica Alba so I let the red shoe thing go. However when she talked about a monkey with a long tongue squeezing her ears and kissing all of the insides of her mouth, I was thinking she has forgotten that this is national television. Nasty monkey mouth girl!

Seth Rogen from the movie "Knocked Up" is disturbed. We had to keep looking at his ghost white hairless behind on the monitor. (That was the good part) Seth starts talking about how in the event of an earthquake all he needs is his porn, which he has hidden in every room of his house. Nasty Casper white behind porn boy!

I always wondered what death looked like. Well look no farther GloZell because it was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Stage.

Lucinda Williams (AKA killjoy) I cant’ say she was a musical guest. I don’t know what she was. The LA Riots was less depressing than she was. I started to laugh it was so pitiful. She used a cue card because she didn’t know the words. It didn’t matter we didn’t understand them anyway. Her drummer is the drummer for my dance class off of Ventura.

I want to see the killer bar that must be in the dressing rooms. How are you drunk and high at a 4 PM taping before you go on National Television? Crazy hag depressed funeral song lady!

After the show, Lucida kissed Jessica! I guess if a monkey can tongue Jessica…

I enjoyed the company of Janet and Amy Hill, Barb Willie S. from Olympia Washington, and Roxanne Shaver from California. They gave me their tickets for Wednesday, lemonade and a diet soda. I met the greatest people!

Ken is a hot dad of the page Matt, who works for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Ken has traveled all the way from New York. He’s my type, snow on the roof and fire in the chimney.

Remember; help preserve wildlife…

LoVe Ya,



Fightin' Mad Mary said...

OMG GloZell, I LOVE Lucinda Williams!!! I'm going to have to watch, I can't believe she was THAT bad.

GloZell said...

She was a hot mess. I couldn't believe it. Please tell me what you think after watching the show.


LoVe Ya,


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

okay... I watched and I liked her performance but I can see how it was a downer. She has better songs that are a little happier it's a shame she didn't do one of those.

GloZell said...

I'm glad you liked her performance, it's amazing what TV can do. After the show that was all people were talking about. How much of a downer she was.

Her dummer is from the class I was telling you about. He had beautiful grey hair. And one day, it was black.

He said that someone asked" Who is the Grandpa on the drums"?. So he dyed his hair.

You are a true fan of L.W. and I thank you for your input. I haven't seen you in a while. I guess MTV is working you to the last day!

I will see you when we climb the Mountain Saturday...

Take Care,
Say hi to dollop...