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Monday, June 18, 2007

Glo loves ‘em Big and Rich…

Today at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno : AKA my B00

Sean and Sarah from Post Falls Idaho on their 10 yr. Anniversary!(Sarah got a new cell phone!) David and June from Versailles Kentucky on their 25th Anniversary! (That’s like 70 years in California) had a great time!

Dinning today at table 1, were Sir John and Lady Hinde from San Diego. I needed to make reservations ahead of time to sit at their table.

Security was great! (Thanks Tony, head of security)
The very handsome Jerry from St. Louis put his pliers and scissors back in his car before the show! (you never know if you have to fix or cut something during a live taping)

The Pages were great! (Thanks Scott, head of Pages) Ben the Page is so animated, I love him!

Vicky (the singer) had on sexy heels today! I wish that Jay would do the show (just once) in his casual wear (with two shirt buttons open of course ) and the band was all dressed up. Vicky in a gown, hair straiten, all Glam, and Kevin in a tuxedo or a suit along with the rest of the band. That would be great!

Kevin came outside today to do a skit; he saw me and smiled at my camera. I LOVE BLACK MEN AGAIN! (Don’t tell my white boyfriend, maybe it will pass)

Jay’s Monologue was great! Thanks Lisa (the Monologue Joke Coordinator) and Headlines was hilarious! Great Show!

Robin Williams is the best! And he wasn’t drunk! I want to call Bill Cosby and tell him to watch tonight’s show. He can learn from someone who knows how to go off into Funny tangents. (and take notes)

Tiffany, Andrea, Kathleen, Frankie, Tobie and Garrett , playing a mean game of Monopoly, got in line at 7:00 AM to see Robin Williams.

Robin Williams is worth waiting outside for nine hours.

Chelsea Handler handled herself very well. She is funny and very pretty. Chelsea had on a sexy clingy blue dress on. She was wearing underwear with a very thick band. I think they were tummy control support thongs! You can get them at Target!

Big and Rich were the musical guest. I love them! I don’t know who told them they were country. They didn’t sound like Alabama or Willie Nelson. They were Rock and fun! This was the best outdoor concert to me. Big and Rich did three songs and danced with a two foot "little person" on the second one. They also sang " Save a horse ride a cowboy!

Tony and Sandy love "Big and Rich" and are a part of their fan club!

I have my own personal Jay Leno Look-a like(Jeff Henderson). I drive him nuts, taking pictures of him all the time.

Remember, develop relationships that go beyond color, race religion, and politics…

LoVe Ya,



June said...

Hey Glozell,

We enjoyed spending the day with you. You have so much helpful information that NBC should add you to the payroll. I love how you
welcome everyone to the line and ask if they have their ticket and ID. The information is very helpful. One day in Kentucky we will turn on the TV and there you will be.

We enjoyed the day of waiting with you.
We actually came back on Wed. We arrived at 3;00 pm, ( thinking about the info that you gave us about Wed. -being easier to get in- you were absolutely correct.) We were able to get in- I liked the reptile, Samuel was good too.

David and June
Versailles, KY

GloZell said...

Thank you David and June so much for your kind words and remembering me when you got home. That is so wonderful! I hope to see you both again.

If you need any info about the Tonight Show line I'm your girl.

Thanks so much, and take care.


SarahLynn said...

Hey Glozell! We got back from our time in CA and the best day was spent with you and Jay! :)

Thanks for the laughs and the easy ways to pass the time. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do! Especially with your endeavors with the Tonight show line!

I put you up on my blog and will link you very soon. Even if it is mostly knitting. hehe. Everyone loves a good laugh! :)

Take care!
God bless you.

Sarah from Post Falls, ID