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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GloZell got Moore Blondes…


Cathy Moore (a family friend) called me from Florida today and told me that she feels that I need to spread my wings a bit. Friday will be my 200th show. July it will be a year. I guess it’s time to move on to do Moore. I don’t know what the next step is.

When I got in the 8:00 AM ticket line, I noticed that every one was blonde. So, I pretended to be blonde also. Blondes have Moore fun! Janelle, Richard, Tom, Elise and Jill.

Did you know that blondes love to read? Hoty Toty Torrey Spear proved that blondes read! I didn’t tell her that her books were upside down. Her beautiful dark haired friend Katey Cooper is a tutor. They are both from Phoenix. The hot blonde on the end is Sue Wallace who is reading a book called. "How full is your bucket". She gave me a bottle of water. I guess I wasn’t full enough? Thanks Sue.

Katey who loves to make cookies on the dashboard of her car, had pepper spray and a whistle. The security guards found it in her purse before the show. Great job NBC security! (Tony, head of security. Great job!) A girl does have to protect herself.

Janelle and Richard look like Ken and Barbie. They are in love! I had to squeeze in between them. They are a gorgeous Blonde couple from Utah.

Not all good-looking people are blonde.

I met a babe named Norma, from Oklahoma City who was next to Sexy Aunt Nitz Ultra Fine Lawrence, Incredible April, and Amazing Laurie from Virginia Beach. They were so awake and upbeat! Not every one stays awake in the line. Ha ha.

The ever so stunning trio ABI, her sister Iyabo (Singer Song-writer/Musician more info. and Adeshola loved the show! Enjoy the BET Awards.

Guests: Michael Moore is…well… I can’t lie, he’s not that good looking, but he was very informative about healthcare and HMO’s. Which is good because he is morbidly obese. I started thinking of how much food he must eat and I got so hungry. Please watch his new movie SICKO… too bad it’ s not Super Size Me Also.

I can stay healthy because I met pretty nursing students Elise and Jill from UCLA

There is someone that works at NBC who I have never spoken about who is just dumb. I have a picture but I won't put it up and I won't say a name! They did something so stupid three times today in front of guest! The only person I ever met that was that strange, was this girl in Florida who's parents were first cousins. I don't know how this person got a job at NBC.

Guest: Justin Long (He’s kind of cute) is in the new movie "Live Free and Die Hard" yep you guessed it, he talked about Japanese Golden Poop, and delicious Crab Anus…ymm. He told a joke and Smitty hit the drums for him…Justin said thanks Kevin. Justin how bouts you watch the show in order to tell the black people apart. Okay!

Kevin is the one who won PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian on Earth award! Along with Carrie Underwood.

Guests: Mandy Moore face is adorable. Her hair was messy and she had on the exact same black tight dress Sandra Bullock had on the last time she was on the show. Who wore it best…Sandra! Mandy didn’t look comfortable in her heels. She was standing very awkwardly. I appreciate that Mandy Moore hasn’t given in to Hollywood standers like buying Moore boobs.

The guy who has the thick black hair and use to have the George Michael starter beard! Shaved! I loved that beard! You are always so neat and put together. You do look a lot younger without it if that’s what your are going for. You seemed to have lost even Moore weight. Great Job!

I’m worried about Ervin, the black guy who has been at the show since Johnny Carson, heck since Jack Parr. I haven’t seen him for three weeks?

#1 Blonde of the world…Paris Hilton is free!

Michael who slept on the lap of Elizabeth… Plus Iyabo.

My favorite person in asleep in line goes to Sexy Aunt Nitz who is going to get me for taking this picture. I’m not going down by myself. Her family knew I took it. Ha ha.

Two audience members took me to Bob’s Big Boy. BOB have a car show every Friday. Jay Leno has attended it several times. There was no picture of Jay in the restaurant. I asked the manager and he said just bring one and they will put it up.

Tonight Show with Jay Leno I want an autographed picture of Jay standing with one of his cars for Bob’s. If not I will stand outside of Bob’s for 24 hrs. 12 midnight July 5th until Friday midnight July 6th.

Or maybe my regular hrs.that I do at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10AM to 5PM Monday - Friday that whole week July 2,3,4,5 and 6th. with a sign, that says "NEED JAY LENO PICTURE". The show will be on hiatus that week. My mother will be in town. Please don’t make us stand out there. But we will if we have to.

Remember; always have Moore in your bucket…

LoVe Ya,



SarahLynn said...

Hey Glozell! We got back from our time in CA and the best day was spent with you and Jay! :)

Thanks for the laughs and the easy ways to pass the time. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do! Especially with your endeavors with the Tonight show line!

I put you up on my blog and will link you very soon. Even if it is mostly knitting. hehe. Everyone loves a good laugh! :)

Take care!
God bless you.

Sarah from Post Falls, ID

Katey Cooper said...

Hi GloZell!
Thanks so much for entertaing me (the brunette with the pepper spray) yesterday in line! Torrey and I had such a blast and time flew buy with your stories.

Speaking of stories, i would just like to take a moment to support you in your opinion of the one strange lady with no name.

You were so helpful to us yesterday with all your advice! I hope you write a book soon consisting of your wonderful stories! Let me know as soon as you do!
Thanks for everything and God Bless,

GloZell said...

Sarah thanks for taking time out to leave a comment! I would love to be intertwined with a knitting link!

Thanks for being a great line person! I wisht the best for you and your husband!

To Katey and Torry sorry you had to witness such stupidity. But is was funny. That person is going to make me laugh for a long time...

Keep in touch and send me a pepper cookie from your dash board. Say hi to your sister Katey!

Torry I know you will leave the bank and go on to things you like better. I know you want to work at NBC. I know you are going to be better than someone who's name I wont mention.

Take Care,


GloZell said...

Katey and Torry i had such a great time with you both. It wasn't until we were almost there that it got so funny!

Every time I see the Nameless Wonder I will crack up and think of both of you.

A book huh...people say that I should write a book. It's so hard to just blog every day!

I guess thats what I need to do. I don't talk about how people think I'm strange and my family. I miss out on so much!

People spend so much to concert tickets and movies ect. I have seen so many greats. Elton John, Tony Bennet,Patty LaBell(sorry for my spelling) the list is endless.

I hope NBC realizes how great Jay Leno is and begs him to stay, at least three more years so he can retire after 20 years!

I just feel like I'm supposed to be at NBC at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I stay up a lot of nights latly because It's been about a year now. Do I continue?

I'm happy doing what I do. But I want to elevate myself. I feel like it's out of my hands.

Sometimes I just connect and feel the need to...umm vent a little.

I don't want to stop but I don't want to waste my life. Just playing around.

My boyfriend is pretty sick of late nights trying to find wifi to put up pictures. I don't blame him. He won't stay with me for another year of this! This is what I like doing. I have been using his computer since September.

Fightn' mad Mary has been so great! She puts up pictures without camplaining the whole time!

When you spent all day doing what you love. I mean all day 10 AM to 5 Pm. Then write it and hope the computer works!

Hope boyfriend dosn't mind going out late after he has worked all day, for somthing that seems...stupid.

You get to watch an incredible show because of incredible people. I have given up great jobs, and I've found out people who I thought were friends don't even talk to me.

I mean people I knew from Florida. Who live here in Califrnia. God has a way of showing you what's real.

I moved here with a husband, a dog , and a cat, all gone...Now I don't know what I have. Faith! If I didn't I would be compleatly crazy!
My mother wants me to move back to Florida. Life would be a whole lot easier back home. But I just feel that I am where I am supposed to be.

Some people like me at T.S. with Jay Leno. Some don't. But the people in the line that have traveled so far or just taking a day out of there life to see Jay they like me most of the time.

They need to have a awsome time. From the Guest Realations, the line, bathrooms, security, then the SHOW!

If they only look at Jay during the show, they miss so much. The camera men, producers, hair and make-up, Techs. Things you don't see on TV.

I love them all...even if I do talk about them. All of them!
Thanks for reading...


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Glozell, the last time the show was on hiatus you paraded around Burbank in your bikini.

Dear Tonight show, PLEASE get this girl a photo of Jay!