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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Xena Glorior Princses!

Xena the Warrior Princess fans Support the Writers Strike!
Steve had Xena fans sign a book to be auctioned off to give money to non writers who have lost their jobs because of the WGA Strike.... That's a great idea... What was it like being on the Xena? I had the best time with Xena fans! They are still going strong! after the show ended 7 years ago! Steve one of the writers from the show... he said that maybe a Xena movie one day...

Hey that is not a sword... You better rock the Xena Hair!
That's a guy on the right dressed like Xena... Zena fans are dedicated!...Even in the rain... Xena fans came... and brought so much food...

I had fun doing the Xena yell....Yaaaaayaaayaaayyaayyaa! Power to the Women! It was like Happy Mid Evil Lesbian Day......................

Tonight Show Biz...

Tony head of security a lot of people today were said that you are an angry person... maybe you should use your third leg more often... ha ha ha ( sorry so sorry)

The show was great...

Kevin Eubanks is sick he left during the first break to get a scarf... get well soon... no Now!

Doctors telling jokes... I love the new anything goes at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno format !One of the doctors was Dr. 90210Julia with the Sea world animals are always fun... the wildcat peed on Jay during the break... Jay called it the Urinating Kitty....The Lemurs were so cute... You've got to move, it move it...Chelsea Handler... was sexy and funny... Buckcherry is a old school rock 'n' roll... tight black pants... tattoos... great job...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


My pastor Robert Bock(The first Christan Church of North Hollywood) is in the movie...

"There Will be Blood"... He playes the Minister!

Randall Carver (An Elder)... playes Mr. Bankside..

I hope they win an Oscar!

We can put it next to the alter! ( They will never go for that)

I love California!


Dr. 90210 Xena fans don't need that!


Juicy Flawless said...

Is that you in the red hoodie? Nice to see a black Xena fan!! I was beginning to get lonely over here. lol I love Lucy <3

GloZell said...

Juicy flawless... Great name!

I love your name!...Yep! I'm in the Red Hoodie.

I had the best time ever! Xena fans are number one!

The show must come back! There might be a movie?

Stay juicy and flawless!
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daniel said...

hahahahah. i'm the dedicated asian male xena fan that dressed up as xena that day. i was under the impression that more people were going to dress up.