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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good ole Fashion Church Fight... AMEN!

My mother is A.M.E.

I don't want my Momma to turn the other cheek if the Pastor is punching the congregation


Rapheal said...

Wow I thought that was hillarious I didn't see that coming

Anonymous said...

Glozell... what is it about your video's that we NEED to watch them over and over and over and can't get enough of your voice and humor. YOU NEED an HBO Special !

Keep on keeping on, Move over Wanda Sykes Glozell is coming to town !

Ohhh.... and we love Ghetto Chat. Reminds me of Linda Richmans Coffee Talk from SNL years ago.

Wishing you all the best.

Alaska Fans

Anonymous said...

Private email to Glozell,

Glozell... are you familiar with Jolene Roxbury ? If not, allow me to introduce you to another comedian on the rise.

Here is a real funny audio from Jolene - I know you will find it hysterical:

Here is Jolene's website - like you... she is extremely talented, funny and real!

Hope you are well and life is good.

You NEED an HBO Special !

Kathy (in Alaska)

Anonymous said...

It's sooo good to be home! Now to get rid of the pneumonia. He feels pretty good,but is very weak.
Can't believe what I saw in this video!!! Horrible!!!
How are things going?

GloZell said...


Nice name... an Angel even.

That was very funny... They don't need a pulpit... they need a boxing ring...HA

Thanks Rapheal


GloZell said...

Kathy in Alaska!...

Thank you so much... Yes I would welcome HBO... I would love a sit-com or a HBO Special... thank you so much...

Can't wait to tour to Alaska one day...

Thank you so mush...HA... I am so funny?...No? get it Mush... I think that's what you say on a sled... no sled?... oh

Thank you anyways...