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Monday, August 03, 2009

Tea with Mr. Pibs and Elizibeth Taylor

Mr.Pibs and Elizibeth Taylor are such jolly good chums!

Cheerio Pip Pip and all that Jazz


Anonymous said...

I am caught up on U-Tube. I am really glad you are out of the mini-mansion. You have some fond memories, but its time. Live NOW and the future will work itself out. Stay close to those who love you. Be thankful.

Susanne Sus said...

High Tea! It looks delicious!

There exists a hotel in Bern where one can order high tea. And in London we used to have it quite often. But, of course, no Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. Pibs were invited. :-(

I can see that you did really enjoy your birthday. :-)

When are you going to upload the painting-video of SK on this blog? He is really talented. Does he use acrylic paint for his pictures?

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...


You are very caught up... yes I am out of the mini-mansion... we have a place now. And it just has to work out.

Thank you MD!


GloZell said...

OH Autie Sus...

Yes they high tea was delightful... Mr. Pibs and Elizibeth Taylor know how to throw a tea darling... SK and I had such a great time... we went to the beach after that...

We all had a jolly good time. SK painting video is up now... I didn't know he was that good... hadn't seen him paint anything... now he is painting all the time and is much happier...

Thanks Auntie Sus... I shall ring the Queen and tell her Cheerio for you darling...

Ta ta