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Monday, August 10, 2009

If you want a boy... then NO SOY...Wendie Wilson


Anonymous said...

Jim has a cousin named Wendy Wilson in South Texas. Guess I won't worry about my Silk and edamame.
Jim had an echo followed his cardiologist. Both went fine and then we met a friend for lunch.
My middle sister/husband were in Austin at Teacher Retirement getting questions answered since this is her last year...35. They stopped by and then went to our Mx. Restaurant, but we missed them. Just called them.
51 days of triple digits here now with all-time record of 69 in '54. Many weeks of summer left.

GloZell said...

Jim has a cousin with the same name... how funny. No more Silk Soy milk... but I love edamame

Glad Jim is fine... retired after 35 years... geez... how she didn't go crazy I will never know.

MAN IT'TS HOT THERE! Hum... seems like the summer is-a-going fast...

Paria came by and dropped off some good her mommy made... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!



Paria said...

About three years ago a nutritionist told me about the danger of too much soy.... and when one of my favorite Producers was pregnant I told her not to drink all the soy milk she seemed to consume daily. I educated her on how much estrogen was in soy and the side effects.

She went home that night and told her husband and he instantly threw all soy products away. He said, "my boy is NOT going to be born with a little penis." Soooo funny!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the funny! See you tomorrow!

GloZell said...

Par Par...

Just finish some yum chili... Thank your Momma!

You saved your Producers sons Penis... yes yes yes!

In 20 years he will thank you...

C Ya 2morrow!