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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Pantieless Muse... HA!

Okay I have a few video to make... they are still in my head... one is the movie review... can't wait to get to it....

However... yesterday out of the BLUE sky... I get a call from a lady who teaches acting workshops... she said that a casting agent needed a Black Female singer type.

I call the person giving the audition... I'm called to audition... and today I go back for the producers to look at me... YEA!

The casting agent told me to look 12 years younger... okay see you tomorrow great job.

So I am getting my young clothes together... HA... and I will let you know how it goes...

Oh SK is exploring his creative side...


Anonymous said...

Knock 'em dead with your interview. Your hair gives you a real young look does your personality.
Jean and I just booked 5 days (January 4-8...M-F) in San Diego and will spend the next 5 in LA!! I need to check online. Which areas of LA are close to you?
Maybe SK can have a show or show his work at an open-air arts/crafts show. Glad he is enjoying his art because he is talented and it's a stress releaser. It is harder for older people to find work because of age discrimination. They say they don't, but when they look at your resume and birth date they know your age without asking.
My mom was very proper and a pussy was always called your girl part. We NEVER talked about sex. Think it was her generation. I never asked.
That baby's adorable!
I am rooting for FMM. She is such a wonderful person. I just know she's the best for those Emmys and we want to meet her/Mr. Pibbs in January. She looked like Fergie (Glamorous)with her hats, etc...very different than on the bench with the towel. She comes up with such wonderful experiences! And you make each other laugh in every video. That's a great friendship!!!
I thought the comment from Danielle who you met in line was very special. And sooo long ago. You never know how/when you'll touch someone's life with a kind deed. What you did meant a lot to her.
I've been writing you since the Spring of '07. I've taken care of Jim pretty regularly since the Fall of '03. Your blog is good therapy!
I'm sure SK had more fun at the Blogger Prom with the wig. People made lots of comments and he got lots of attention. He had big smiles in the pictures.
Wonder why you are always cold. Anemia? Better get some blood work.
I laughed at the kid you sat for moving day..."This dog has UTTERS."
Wondering why Melinda doesn't blog anymore.
It seems that Aunt Sus knows Leslie.

GloZell said...

I did the very best I could... I sang for my life... they kept me for 2 hours. Then they said they would call...

Well she did?... The lady called at 5.30PM... my audition was at 12.30 and asked if I was free the rest of the week... "Okay I'll call you back"... well it's 9.27 PM

I was thinking that they are still figuring out the times they want people to come in... but I would love a " Hey you got the part just figuring out what time we need you to come in so leave the whole day free"...

So... I guess I get up and work out 2morrow checking my phone every min?

SK should have a show ... in the house befor we go... I told him to make a nice religious one so it could hang in the church or something... you know ...

No Never talk about sex... so to get people's attention... I have to go to the mother of all words... can't talk about it if you are scared to say it...LOL

Yes FMM is going to win 3 Emmy's ole the fun!

I don't know what happen to Melinda! I hope she is fine... and her family... I know she is happy that Obama won!

Yes Aunt Sus and Lesie have a friend in common... who I have never met... don't AS and Leslie have met.

The Utters dog was becuase she had just givin... not birth becuase the puppies weren't alive... you know that story... so she still had milk... and the dog that is her son from another litter who got her pregnat... was drinking the milk ... GEEZ

Take care and thanks



Paria said...

WOOT-WOOT! You go sexxxy girl! And you don't look a day over 25... so I hope you blew the Producers' roofs off!

It was SOOO good to see you and SK today!!! I LOVE YOU!

GloZell said...

Par Par...

It was great seeing you and your mother... I hope I didn't scare your intern... oh but what fun if I did... tee hee hee...

Thank you... they called me way after the audition to ask if I was avalible for the rest of the week... then didn't call back... don't think they are calling after 10... time to find some Seinfeld on

I was a star in my head today... it was fun!

Thanks Par Par



Susanne Sus said...

GloZell, I keep my fingers crossed that you get this role! Would be great and I am sure you could convince the people there.

I am glad MD is back on the blog, I already missed her reports. :-)

And Paria is back from her wonderful event. I am going to read now how it was. I hope she has already fed her blog with pictures and text. :-)

Wish you and SK a wonderful time.

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...

Auntie SUS....

I haven't heard from them they shoot till Friday so I ????

Ran into Paria and she Promised to put up more pictures from her event!

SK wants to cover himself in paint... so he is all good...

Thanks Aunt SUS