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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oprah and Obama... My most viewed You Tube Video

Welcome 30th Follower... thank you for everything!

With over 2 Hundred Thousand Hits... TA DA

I was surprised... this video?

So cute... kid well 20 year old girl and some elementary school kids so far have sent my their You Tube video to look at and tell them what I think...

And this High School Baseball player from Oklahoma... asked me to send a signed picture of me for his Birthday... told him yes if he pays for sending it...

So interesting...

Okay got to get ready to go hiking...

Thank you everyone!
This is the video these young and up coming actor, producers came up with. They want my opinion . I think they have done a great job and the editing... I can't do that... so I gave them 5 Stars... the highest ranking on You Tube

They were so excited that I would look at their video... it's better than what I can do... Great job! Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Hey GloZell. This is very funny...and it is so sweet to see all your young fans.

Guess in the title of your most viewed video, you said the two magic words!!!!

Great job. You are a terrific comedian and actress.

see you tomorrow. I am going to look up a key lime pie recipe now.

Anonymous said...

A bad week for Jim. He's got pneumonia and was admitted yesterday. The pneumonia is worse today (chest X-ray), but the wbc is better as is kidney function. They'll do the same tests again in the morning. I'm home to get some things, walk Casey, and look at the computer. I will stay at the hospital again tonight.

GloZell said...


Thank you so much... that must be it... because I was like THAT VIDEO??? and the comments go on and on ... How funny it is...Really?

We should meet and stay at "My House"... no need to bother Q... Mary will be at work... Paria said 2 is fine... that's the time she gets off work....

KEY LIME PIE... can't wait...

Thank you



GloZell said...


That's why I didn't hear from you yesterday... not like MD...

Aw... geez... poor Jim... How did he get that?... It's been so hot there.

Car broke down... we were talking about the two weeks and painting and the car just stopped... BAD ENERGY... just stopped no slowing down... just stopped.

So I get it... no worries... we have our health... now JIM NEEDS TO GET HIS...

I have spent soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many days at the hospital with my dad.... every holiday ... but the food was better than my mom's

Okay... make sure you stay bundled up... don't you get sick...

The hospital can be so cold... I guess people know you there huh?

AHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Jim is lucky... um Blessed to have you... and so am I....



Susanne Sus said...

Dear MD!

I hope your husband will soon recover and you both can enjoy life again. :-)

Dear GloZell and dear Leslie!

Please spare a piece of the key lime pie for me! Yummy!

It is so hot hear. Yesterday we had 95 ° F!

Have fun and good dancing!

Aunt Sus

Anonymous said...

Home again to walk Casey and take a nap. Hospitals don't let you Jim's wbc and kidney function are better again today, but don't know what the two X-rays showed this A.M. Jim is wanting to come home, but his doctor hadn't come yet...only the gastrointerologist. The GI doctor started him on a new med last night to speed/assist digestion, but he spent much time in the bathroom. He's going to reduce the dosage today and see how he tolerates it. He feels much better.
You're getting some new fans. Your appeal is universal and worldwide.
We love key lime pie except here we call them Mexican limes. When we were in Florida I bought a key lime cook book in Key Largo. We have six of those trees in huge pots and they produce year-round...even winters when we move them in. The limes are yellow when ripe. Our oldest lost the enamel on her baby teeth from eating so many when young!
You gals have fun cooking and don't forget a pice for Kevin, Mary, and Q.
Thank you, GG & Aunt Sus, for your kind words and concerns for Jim and I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

I love the kids video! Your fans are stretching far and wide to everyone :) Haha also, your obama oprah video is SO funny! I'm counting the days until you get on Oprah.

Peace and Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Omigoodness GLozell GIRL!!!
You are so hilarious I ant not laugh evertime you make a video!! How did you find those kids? There video is pretty good. Your obama video is VERY funny I watched it like 4 times :)