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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blah Blah Blah by Ka$ha ... Translation by GloZell


Anonymous said...

Just gave you 5 stars on youtube.
Don't think I missed anything with her music lyrics.
Jean's in Lincoln, but yes, the police in TX and NE are great! She will recover some of her stolen things, but sooo much stress related to the break in. Glad they were caught!!
Stayed home today. Plans had been made 2 wks. ago to visit Jim's brother/wife from Corpus Christi for a St. Patty's lunch at Karnes City. HOWEVER, they were quite inebriated that night and didn't remember the plans. They promise to come here for a summer visit and asked if we still had Scotch.
I'll bet your neck's sore. I did the hula hoop and pogo stick many moons ago. We ALL did!
Just watched Obama's interview re: health care, etc. Looks like a weekend vote.
Yes, Nancy must do some serious exercising and looks very healthy. Bet she worries about her brother, though.

GloZell said...


Thanks for the 5 Stars.

I don't think I have ever know of the Police catching robbers after a month or so has passed and Jean gets some of her things back. GREAT!

They didn't remember...WOW they must have really been Irish that night... LOL
SK and I are going over the O'Brein's house for... I don't know what for. They are Irish and we are having dinner there tonight.

MARY was given... GIVEN a Cornbeef for just wearing Green at Tradder Joes. So she is cooking that Sunday.


I didn't remember the Hula Hoop choking me. However that gave me a great idea for a Rhiana videos.

Nancy just hikes now... her arms are still cut from years ago. wow

Take Care