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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks... Hee hee hee


Anonymous said...

One with Par Par today. Such a bad year.
FMM to win an OSCAR??? That is WONDERFUL!!!
Jim is having a rough time. He goes to an orthopedist Thursday about his recently developed knee/back pain. Talked to neurologist in Houston and we see him again in two weeks. Nothing done here/nearby all winter has helped his chronic shoulder pain.
He said to stop the PT after 2 mo. not helping pain. I'm going to jump over candles tonight.
Jean was going to LPD this PM to see stuff from break ends. She took Mom out with a friend.
I LOVE corn beef!!! My name's DEWALT, but I still have to buy the tools.
Please have a rejuvanex for us here...

Anonymous said...

You don't sound so good today. Hope you're resting/taking C.
I know what the celebration will be for Par Par. Sounds so great, but FMM always does things first class.
Stayed in the cave, baked a chicken, did wash, etc. Drizzly, but nice temps.
Probably something more than beans for an arrest with two officers. They made a call.
Yes, it passed and we will see. Helpful for millions. Hope Medicare keeps strong.
Take care of yourself and "hi" to all.

GloZell said...


Thanks so much. You can jump over some lights if you like.

Jim must be use to going to the doctors... you must be use to taking him. They must know you.


If someone was stealing beans they wouldn't say... oh just beans... you can go?... So... I don't know

I have been on these knew vitamins so maybe... detoxing... ????

I want to make a Jesse James videos... so many pop in my head... but... tired

OH SUGARETTS go into the studio Saturday... Nancy's treat.

Okay... going to lay down

I will tell everyone hi