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Monday, March 29, 2010

Re: Killer Whales Kill ...

Hope all is well with everyone... this is a great morning... I have so many videos in my head.

AND... I HAVE to HAVE to do some spring cleaning... I think that will be good for all aspects of my life. Got to clear the clutter...

Thanks so much

(Hope you and Jim are doing better MD !!!! XOXOXOXOX)

Oh yes I don't know where my phone is... see I have to unblock... unclutter.
I'm excited about really doing it.



Anonymous said...

Doing some Spring Cleaning and without Leslie?! Yes, it will make you feel good to get rid of stuff you'll NEVER miss. Then the challenge is to not BUY MORE! We've lived here 10 years and its still a work in project. Remember...less is better.
Jim seems a little more upbeat today/had a good sleep. We're watching the movie, "The Fugitive" for the 100th time.
Keep taking your vitamins so you don't have the problems I've had. I am doing better and continue to loose and it's SPRING!!!! I love this weather!!
Be good to yourself and SK and

lynne Jordan said...

Girrrlll... I feel ya! I got three phones hiding in my house.

lynne Jordan said...

You be killin' me!! You are so darn funn! (in kentucky accent) Note: I'm not from KY but "darn funny" just seemed funnier in an Appalachian accent... whatever...