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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ghetto Olympics !!!!


I will be performing at the World Famous Comedy Store TONIGHT
8433 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, Ca 90069

Tickest are 15 Dollars plus a 2 drink min. (Soft drinks count)

Thanks so much



Anonymous said...

That's really not a bad price for CA and lots buy soft drinks or iced tea.
His scare came while I was with Jenni/John and Jim tried a new Med. for depression. His kidneys don't filter things well and the med. put suicide thoughts in his head as well as thoughts of the severe pain in his shoulder. When I got home at 8:15 he had been walking around the house to help him and took Xanax at 8 PM to help with the anxiety. I called 24 hour emergency who called the doctor who said no more of the new one, but continue the other as needed. We are going to see her again on Monday PM. Scary.
Your performance, as evident by the audience laughter was GREAT. Thought I heard FMM. Some day I will come see you perform there.
I feel really bad for Par Par and ABC. I hope Annie contacts her soon. Jean says she is in charge of all the Disney pictures (photos, I think) and her Mom, Jean's friend, also works for Disney and her husband is an assistant producer for Jays network (NBC?).
Hope you're feeling better.

GloZell said...


WOW... You and Jim... man... I am praying for a breakthrough... painfree.

Par Par will get something great she is a hard worker.

Thanks so much. I am filming a small bit for a reality show someone we both know works on... her husband did a bit and now I get to. I play a reporter.

I will let you know more later Thanks


lynne Jordan said...

Hilarious. You got those little gymnasts down. and that outfit!!! LOL

But I gotta ask. Who the heck is MD? and what up with the long comments? LOL
your new fan