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Friday, March 19, 2010

RUDE BOY by Rhianna... and GloZell


Anonymous said...

Snowing in Lincoln so Patsy (sister) and Ken headed South. Nice here today, but stayed in with Jim. Rainy day tomorrow and cooler. Sooo interesting (ha).
Are you and Par Par still exercising morning? Haven't heard anything lately.
Tell SK, FMM/Q, Par Par, Bob, & Leslie "hi" and we need to get them on the blog, right?
Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

We've been glued to the TV health care coverage today. The senate bill just passed the house and they're now having a procedural vote on the reconciliation bill. It appears this will happen.
Another day in the cave. Prompting by me to go to emergency was rejected by Jim. He told me he thinks he may have torn the cartilage in his knee and battles pain there, lower back, and both shoulders. I try not to nag him and give him some dignity with his wishes, but I see no improvement in any areas. Very hard to witness.
I have been able to gain a little insight on your week through twitter. Mary won corn beef at Trader Joes and you/SK are invited to FMM/Q for dinner with a lady who has a bakery. You've joined the West Coast Singers with Nancy. Nancy's solo of "One Night Only" with this group is on you-tube. You had a practice with them and met the drag "Mamma".
You haven't written about Par Par/you doing anything lately. Hope to hear something soon.
Hope you had a fun weekend. I am sure you are very busy. Stay well/happy!

GloZell said...

It passed MD!

I don't know what it means really but time will tell. Oh stay strong MD.... Jim doesn't want to get his knee looked at... ? He will because walking will hurt so much.

Oh you are a Twitter... I think Facebook would be more of your thing. Always something going on... pictures and whatnot
Par Par's Birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. So Mary has a plan... WA HA HA... it will be classy ritzy and fun.

Thanks MD for the updates



Anonymous said...

haha youre so funny! id love to be as funny as you!(: i have to change my pants every time i see one of your videos.
you should make one to a song by lady gaga!

lift o' nuts!
i love you so much like you dont even know. like, so much.

haha love,