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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nurce Jackie cast with a little 91210



Anonymous said...

Two 5 stars on youtube although we don't have Showtime so am not familiar with them.
That FMM has an inside track...networking. She gets you "inside" many events and you are meeting those in reality shows.
Jim's doing okay with new med., but only helping pain a little. He had PT today, I had Mx fd. and we went to CVS.
Rainy/low 50's here all day, but better Wed.
Still looking for something "Texas" for all of you. Don't want something UT...FMM/Q went to Sam Houston State...a rival. ny ideas?
Casey chewed a raw hide and it messed up her digestive system so we went to the Vet and she got an injection,exam/laxative. She's about back to normal now after 3 days soft food/laxative.
Wish we could attend TCM's Classic Films Festival in Hollywood this April. Got to get Jim's pain managed and get weight off me so walking is easy again. Nancy is such an inspiration in her 60's! I love her!
Keep on going and enjoying life. Tell everyone hello too...

Anonymous said...

P.S. Jean called that police have caught the 3 burglers who broke in their home. It was on KOLN TV tonight. Now they can rest a little easier.

GloZell said...


I don't have showtime ... heck I don't have no time really. But I have seen it over Mary's... Yes Mary is a dream She is the best of the best!

Jim is doing that's soon great!!!!!

Texas for us? Yea gifts... LOL

Nancy is... 60 and her arms are ripped... so... I know it can be done.

THEY CAUGHT THE BURGLERS... I can't believe that. WOW the Police are great in Texas...