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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Steal

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Anonymous said...

Saw the orthopedist and had an x-ray of knee which didn't show anything wrong, but said we might need an MRI of cap to see the tissues. Got a cortisone injection, but no relief. Yes, we know them well and I go in and take notes every time in a small notebook so I remember.
Ate oriental and Jenni/Linda will have our Easter get-together, but next Thursday because John's off. It's always been at our home.
Great that you're going to a studio. You three have real talent and I know you'll do well together. I still get chills. I want a CD!
Be careful about giving out your address on you tube to people.
Orowheat Double Fiber English muffins help me detox.
Hope you're on the mend and can enjoy life.