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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't listen to the Ice Cream!

I have 2 radio interviews and one face to face interview so I better stay away from the powerful Ice Cream ... WA HA HA




Jennifer said...

OMG - DYING! I'm putting a link to this on my blog.

Love you GloZell!

I'm so happy Perez put you on his blog! Love him & love you!

Anonymous said...

Hope all your interviews go well today. That's a lot for one day!
We had a funeral this AM and back- to-back appointments with the internist this afternoon.
A good friend had a cardiac cauterization this afternoon, but did not need a stint after all.
Danny got some parts and worked on our riding mower and are coming to mow tonight. They leave for Las Vegas in the morning for a few days.
I've got to water all the plants on the patios tonight with some plant food. Hope Danny/Joan take some more.
The internist wants Jim to stay home a rest before we go back to Houston in a week. She says NO FITNESS CENTER, though. He gets a chest X-ray at our hospital on Monday.
I'm excited about my SK painting of you. I'm going to put it on the wall by my computer here in the cave to cheer me up!