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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Forever 21... ha ha ha ha I don't think so . GloZell Green


Could you sit and have dinner with your "Friends" knowing one will betray you and the others say nothing?

I don't care how good the food is... that would be my Last Supper Also

Happy Holy Week / Passover


Anonymous said...

Wearing age appropriate/flattering clothes helps you look younger too. Everyone knows how old you are anyway.
Spent the evening at John's sister, Linda's home. John works this weekend so it's our early Easter. I brought a berry salad and had a good dinner/visit. Jenni, John, Connor, Amy, Bill, Haruo, and Linda were all there.
Hope your Easter's a great one too!!!

GloZell said...


Happy Easter...

We have all seen and sometimes have been the women in the wrong outfit... LOL

We were invited to go to the Irish family house for Easter. So that should be fun!

Glad you enjoyed your early Easter