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Monday, April 19, 2010

Justin Bieber Baby ft. Luda Translation by GloZell LOL


Anonymous said...

That's right...when we came to visit you and 3 years here. I love you and your California family! Soooo WONDERFUL!
We were going to start going to our fitness center today, but Jim's not up to it and I don't leave him accept for errands.
Joan and Danny came and got all the plants out for our driveway, front, side, and back patio. They took home a large calamondin (like a sour tangerine)tree and large Meyer's lemon tree and a large pineapple plant. We produce our own pineapples. Danny took our riding mower and the book to do some parts replacement and maintenance at their home. We do have a yard crew to do beds, get ants, edge, blow,trim all plants, but I am going to try to sit on our mower for the grass. Hope they take more because we are downsizing our plants and they are good with them. They are from '75+.
Again, you deserve these good times and have suffered/worked hard for it!!!

larson said...

hey gloxell..? i dont know how to spell it well anyway i think ur soo funny! i watch ur videos on youtube all the time haha and i was wondering have u met like a lot og famous people since/because you started making these videos!!?? haha okay well ur rly cool!!

Love, LL