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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lil Wayne and Young Money "Bedrock" by GloZell

Some radio stations are playing clips of my translations before they play the song... GREAT! Just a matter of time before an artist says something in a song about me talking about them... LOL

Thanks so much. Today I have an interview with Josh Skinner. Last nights interview went well.

Thank you everyone!



Anonymous said...

Hallo Gozell!

Hallo Gozell!
Please can you say to me, where you buys his wigs?
I want buy!

Anonymous said...

That's right! They will.
We drove to South Austin for dental cleanings/checkups. Worked around here and talked on phone.
Packed up the box tonight. It's scheduled for pickup in the morning and will go to Ventura St.
Keep it up!!!