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Friday, April 02, 2010

Ricky Martin is a Gay... by GloZell Green


Lady A. said...

LOLxz..... YOur Videos are so funny that my mom was in her sleep laughing at your video about that lady's breath keep up the good work and one day I'll will see you on the TV

Anonymous said...

Could you email me your address.
Have fun enjoying Irish food tomorrow. We'll be getting ready to go back to Houston Methodist Hospital Neurological Institute Monday AM. We're going back to the neurologist Jim saw in December. Still working on getting some help for his chronic shoulder pain.
Happy Easter to you, SK, and all!

GloZell said...

Thank you very very much Lady A.

In her sleep?... Ha ha ha ha that's funny.

Please post that video or any other of my videos on your Facebook, Twitter or Blogs.

Thank you again and laugh everyday!!!!


GloZell said...


Well the doctors should help.

Okay... I have to find it .... LOL My mailing address is different than where I live so no problem

Hmmmmm what is MD up to?