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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Glo Vs. Jay

Last night I'm up watching "I love New York"(which was so good) "Salt-n-Pepa" and "Gotti's Way"...I just couldn't go to sleep...Finally tuned to TMZ...It wasn't good, same old same...then "We caught up with Jay Leno coming out of his Sunday performance"

GloZell(talking to the TV)==Jay don't talk...just go to the car..

Jay==Oh it's TMZ sure I will talk to you .
GloZell==DON"T JAY... WALK YOUR TO THE CAR! YMZ== Jay are you paying the writers?
(this is what I got out of the interview...if you saw it and know something else please let me know)
Jay== Yes...I support the writers and we have been taking it week by week.

Jay covers the camera twice with his jacket...and once with this red gift bag..

Jay was a HOT Mess! Does he not have answers to this question?...I do understand that he was caught off guard because... who follows Jay...
------------------ Today at the Strike sign in ... who pulls up...Jay Leno!...(he looks so sad in his tiny light blue car, that's the same color of his beautiful eyes... his thick grey skunk like colored hair was tussled.. ( GloZell no one cares about that)

Jay is talking to Joe M. (Head writer of the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno)...I wait because two strikers asked me if Jay was kind enough to shake hands with them...

GloZell== Sure Jay has always been friendly with his I will ask him for a picture with you two because he hasn't been seen with the strikers in a while and this will look good for him.

(Tonight Show writer) Peter== Ah.. you guys can go to Alameda..
The two guys head off...

GloZell== guys have been walking everyday of this strike...I am going to ask for a picture Jay he won't mind. Peter is it alright?

Peter==I don't know..

Jay is done talking to Joe M.

GloZell (with all the confidence in the world)== Excuse me Jay is it alright if I take a picture of you with those two strikers?

Jay== I don't want to be on any blog because everything I say is always turned around.

GloZell== You are one interview too late because I saw you on TMZ last night and you looked a hot mess all by yourself...(Yes I did say that to him...Jay just looked at me and drove off)
To James Douglas Muir Leno(Jay Leno) 1st of all....I never told you I had a blog...never ever brought my blog up to I was pleased that you knew about it...( I can only guess until it's confirmed )

2ND. If you don't want to talk to the strikers...don't come around! Joe M. has a phone! (if not he can buy one with his Christmas bonus)How stupid do I feel/look striking with YOUR writers who I thought YOU were for, and you look like and act like this strike is killing you. I have yet to see your flat behind walking in the sun for a month! So don't look can only feel just so sorry for you Mr. Leno Sir.

3rd. Jay, if you want to do the the show!...and deal with whatever can't be on both sides...people will understand it's your last year(you have a lot of dedicated fans) honored the strike for four weeks... but don't you DARE come around NBC looking all sad like someone kicked your cat...( you can kiss my sitting outside for over a a fool, to see you in the cold, hot, smokey, rainy, and now striking, pimple on the right cheek, huge black behind) JUST SOME BLOG! ...This blog was dedicated to YOU and all the things that happen around the Tonight Show because of YOU JAY! So grow some balls and deal! You can come up with a time target like... give the strike till January then go back...or something, doughnut man.

Jay you are allowed to change your" I was hoping that this strike would end sooner..because of the layoffs of my staff, my dedication to my fans and emloyers, with this being my last year at T.S....I will not do a monologue but I will do the show"...or NOT... just pick. IF / when I or anyone see you at NBC ..Smile...Wave ...that keeps the people who ARE striking encourage.(Respect that) Strikers are doing what they feel is right...are you Jay? Do what you have to do for yourself...(and yes you did look good today).......(GloZell don't try to sweet talk him now... you will never be apart of the Tonight Show...and that's okay) This is the first time I agree with this question...Jay why the long face? (and IF you havn't... Pay your writers something!)

I'm glad Martain Luther King never showed up to a Strike /March and was like..".I..I.. might not get there with you hah...I had a dream... thatah we were still sitting at the back of the bus...and it was roomy... it's not so it?
Jay has enough people kissing up to him...I am not the one!
The strike is getting to's a day by day thing. It might be over tomorrow...or next year.
This is a piece of GloZell's Ghetto Striker Clothes Line...Erik who come from Valencia by Bus everyday! Great guy...Maruice showed up today...A note was on the T.S. Door today...Just turn your computers around..
WRITE AID dropped off raisins to the strikers...

Thanks to the supporters of the strike...The strike will end one day...soon I hope.------------------------------------

MORE GLOZELL GHETTO GRIPE?(just don't say balls okay)

Why is this book at my church?...If you just have to be a Tramp...Lord Tramps are not sexy..



Dan Wereszynski said...

Wow, didn't see that one coming. 'That one' meaning Jay's reaction to you. I agree with you GloZell. He should be a little bit more cheerful. You are always so supportive of him. But I guess everyone is entitled to one bad day. Let’s just hope this was his ONE bad day.

At least he's aware that you have a blog. I view that as a good thing. It means the word gets around and you do have an impressive impact with this blog of yours. So, please, please, please GloZell DON'T GIVE IT UP!!!!

And if there is a small glimmer that Jay is reading this comment (or someone is reporting to him) here is some good news I found about Jay. Here's the link:

Copy and paste it into your browser. The title of the article is:
-Leno to pay 'Tonight' staff after all-
And the subtitle is:
-Host opens wallet to workers-

The article makes Jay sound pretty good.

So everyone put on a happy face. The strike has to come to an end as it did for the strikers with Broadway. NBC is just getting pissy because they have to return all the money to advertisers. The way they save that money is not paying anybody.

And personally to GloZell. As I stated before, you have an impact with one simple blog out of all the garbage out there on the Internet. You have articles written about you, and get some pictures with some big time celebs. With a little hard work I see a book coming. When the strike ends I know the perfect show you can go on to have some PR.

Melinda said...

Listen to Dan, Glozell! That book idea sounds fab! So, what the radio reported yesterday was right--he is paying the writers. Well, good!

This was an especially juicy one today! Wow! You said it, Glozell! You have to call it like you see it and you did just that! If he looked at hot mess, so bet it! I am glad you speak your mind.

I know I would repsect someone keeping it real over kissing behind.

Can't wait to see how this all works out!

Keep bringing it, GLozell. THis is good stuff! :)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

GloZell, Don't let this moment with Jay get you down. He probably was upset by the TMZ coverage and I bet he's been misquoted by the press before. I think he just wants to stay out of the spotlight for a while. Try and see his side of all this, he's stuck in the middle in between the network and his writers. I'm sure that he just wants to get back to work, it must be incredibly frustrating for him.

Don't take his comments personally GloZell. If you want to be in the entertainment industry, you need thicker skin than that. Yes, be flattered that he even knew about your blog. He probably does read it...

If he does, he will hopefully take some of your advice, a smile and a few nice words for the strikers WOULD be very welcome.

Don't let this get you down, make sure that you stay positive and it just might rub off on Joe M. and Jay.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe anything you see on the TMZ tv show. They edit the video to make the person look like and idiot. I watch the stupid show. They did that with Jeremy Piven yesterday. The video they have on their website and how they edited to air on the tv show was 2 different things. He didn't want to talk to them but did for some stupid reason. They asked him about his car he didn't bring it up to preach about it like the show made him out be. They probably did that with Jay too to make him look stupid. TMZ is just down right mean and think they are news when they are not.

Observer said...

Girl tell me you didn't write what you are not going to be let in to see the show once it's back - and you know it will be back!!

Why are you being so mad at Jay? He is in a difficult position. You have to respect that. This is his livelihood, too. I would always give him the benefit of the doubt - he is reported to be a very kind and considerate man - oh wait - you already know that!!!

If I were you, I would claim temporary insanity and disappear for a while. The folks at NBC are afraid of exactly the kind of stuff that you wrote today. You are an unpaid fan, and what you write about people regarding the strike does not reflect their feelings. Your job is not on the line. You are an outside observer - although you know a lot more than the casual fan.

Tempers flair as strikes go on and on with no end in sight. I recommend that you put some distance between yourself and anything and everything NBC if you ever hope to be welcomed back there.

'Tis the season of peace ---

karen said...

i've so missed you! i finally have time to catch up on your blog.
ditto what others have said- don't let jay's comments get to you.

Anon said...

Glozell I agree that you shouldn't take Jay's comment seriously. He's had HORRIBLE press in the last few days and if I were him I'd be feeling down too and not too eager to be on a blog, tv, anything!

I must comment though on Dan's statement that NBC is pissy about giving back advertising, so they're not paying people. Sure the Network is losing ad $$ because the ratings for repeats suck. But letting show staff go is really a separate thing and purely business. Tons of shows are shutting down, not just Leno, and all the staff is being let go. Advertising aside, it doesn't make good business sense to pay for people who have no work to do because there is no show to film. Leno's staff was actually lucky, because they got paid for 4 weeks of the strike, when the show wasn't even filming. NBC could've stopped paying them the week the strike started because that is technically the week the show stopped filming.

GloZell said...

Hey Dan,
I was thinking of you yesterday...I was like Dan is a big Jay fan...dan is never going to like me again! I..I..was just like who is this Jay? I mean I have seen him almost everday for ove a year...

I know Jay comes to NBC everyday and talks to his writers in the back circle...(carson daly entrance) but I never go over there...becuase his writers like to chill problem.

I have one pictute of Jay at the Strike the one day I was told to go over second day of the strike...

So when he was right in front of me...and two Other strikers wanted to meet him...(hey cool picture...) I just made it clear it wasn't for me...He didn't wave at them...nothing. (Plus I felt stupid...ego is something else huh?

Strikers have stated(that I have not reported ) that Jay is complaining about the strike..." The strike is not going to solve anything...The Tonight Show is different...The producers can hold out longer...blah blah blah. just griping...

He is intitled to do that...

When this first started...Jay with dounuts, waving coming around...All I ask is that if he is not around his writers...just look more encurageing or...Stay away or make it clear what side is he on... So the sad thing was the second time I saw it...

First time when I took a picture with Jay during the strike you can tell in the picture he is sad... not the same Jay...but yet he said he supported the strike.

I was doing what he was doing...I didn't know and still not sure if the strike is right or wrong...but I didn't know what else to I am striking...I have nothing agains the TS producers...I like them...

I do sound crazy...

Cut and you know how you are talking to. I can't even turn a picture around...

Thanks you for saying don't give up...

A book?...ha ha...In the event that this strike dosn't send me to a padded room

Thanks Dan W.
say hi to parents and brother...


GloZell said...

You are so funny, chile when the words Hot Mess came out of my mouth...and Jay looked at me with thoes beautiful blue eyes...I was like in slow motion"OH...MY...THIS IS JAY LENO"...

He wants everyone to like him and he is in good with Producers and the writers...but he wants to do his show...He gripes everyday(hearsay...I don't go to TS writer circle) He looks like his world is the end of the day...Jay can pay his bills...

If he loves his writers so much as to not cross the strike...I don't see nothing wrong with giving his writers a little something$$. He stopped his show for 10-15 writers...and 80 people from his staff gets fired. He must love his writers more right?

I'm glad you heard it on the radio...I knew I wasn't that crazy...I heard the same thing...first day of the strike...not thinking it was this bad thing...

I just hope Jay knows that I don't sugar coat...He has got to have a agent or manager or something to tell him what to say to TMZ like shows or just "No coment"

My Boyfriend said" Oh so you told off your boyfriend"...he has never called Jay my boyfriend...My Boyfriend is happy and I think he is thinking this will finaly get GloZell away from NBC.

I thought about going to a Palm Reader or something...I just feel like I am suppose to be at...NBC/Tonight Show/Alameda...
it stopped making sense 100 shows ago...Now I'm striking? and telling off JAY!...oh well...I wonder what the end is going to be also.

Melinda...I mean GloZell

GloZell said...

Fightn'mad Mary

Can you tell me how do I get myself in this kind of mess! Is this normal for this stuff to happend...(you are in the Biz)

Is this what it's like all the time? I'm not even on the inside! I was just going to the Tonight Show...never even heard of a blog before...

Started a blog suggested by a NBC Page is what it is.

Remeber a while back and you asked if Jay still comes out...I told you then that he is not the same Jay and that he talkes to his writers everyday...but I don't go running over.

Even yesterday I didn't take pictures of him talking to Joe M. he was right in front of us. I t would have been so nice to have a pic with Jay in his little car...people love that.

I have seen him 280 times in a suite...but it's cool to see him out of the blue...I can't wait to get to the place where I am going to just laugh about this...I don't see that coming soon...

Jay is wishy washy...on the fence right now and...he needs to man up...(who am I to tell Jay cotton picking Leno to man up?)

I just wanted to let him know how he is coming across ...he can't trust anyone he need an outside person...( I elected myself)

What are the odds that I see that TMZ report and the NEXT day (the day the invisible fight between Joe M. and I is over in my world, it was a week)

Jay is right in front of me!

I havn't seen Jay since the FIRST week! And if those guys wasn't wanting a hand shake...I would have waved to Jay and walked to my post...

So this "dissapontment"is coming from me just wanting to be this superfan! Ha to the Ha!

Thanks for your insight,

GloZell said...

Thanks anonymouse,

TMZ is run by a lawyer guy... Harvey. It is all geting out of hand and I'm included.

Jay...I don't know what to think. The truth is...I don't really know Jay. I like his image...and eyes...and hair(You see I get carried away)

Jay is paying the writers...not paying the writers...Do you know what is the problem if Jay was paying the writers...I still do not understand the big deal.

If...IF Jay paid the writers for a few weeks or something...does that make him looke bad to the producers?

Like Jay paied his writers but they didn't know...or Jay paied some of his wirters. It's his money...

I mean IF he did why would that get Jay into trouble? Or should I just let it keeps coming up...maybe I was getting Jay into trouble...I...hmmm I don't know.

Thanks anonymous, you always break it down. I think people give me too much credit...I don't know the biz... At all. I keep finding myself is strange situations...I should just except that...I'm weird.


GloZell said...

You are are right...Question...I just have a blog...why would NBC be afraid? This strike has been on every National International radio,tv and paper...with millions of readers.

I did say out loud Hot Mess to Jay...everything elese was my feelings.

You are job is not on the line...I have nothing to loose. I did feel what I said was true...does that count for anything?...Temporay Insainity...yep...

Tell me Observer(nice name) I am not the only one who feels Jay is on the line...I am the only one who has nothing to loose...Wouldn't the NBC people want to know what other thoughts are going around?

I am the one on front street...I get that...but would it be better not to say anything?

Hears my problem...this blog is my I am writing in a honest way...not a professional way... I can't have a entertainment blog...a...My family and feelings blog.

I don't know what the rules are...and it stinks that I can get trapped in something I said one day and feelings't know what to do about that.( I hope this dosn't sound like i have attitued right now I just write about my day...I am not a "writer"...I somehow ended in a interesting place... striking everyday...Everyday...and when it's over...GloZell won't have the show...the writers go back to work...and I am just( I don't know what to day)...just writing about my times here in California because it can end anyday.

Distance from, staying away from everybody...for how long?...It has to get can not get anyworse...right?

To tell you the truth(yes there is more)At this point...I don't want to the Tonight Show...Tomorrow that might might not even be a choice anyways...


Thanks Observer,

GloZell said...

Where have you been! You see what happens when I don't hear from You!

(yes I am blaming you...did it work?

It's not what Jay said to's what I said to Jay. I just have to believe that somewhere he has heard worse...and he needs to know ( if he didn't already) that the TMZ clip...not good.

And how he is coming across at this time to me and some of the strikers.

I didn't have time to have this nice sweet conversation with him....I don't know who is telling him how he comes I told him...I felt like I was right.

I hope I am judged on my intent not my uncoothness(ohh I know I messed that word up)

Jay just landed right in front of me...It was then or never...( I think I should think about never next time)

Nice to know that you are still alive...

Thanks Karen,


GloZell said...


I will get boyfriend to put that good Jay info up this week....Thanks!...wait...the producers have to return money...oh that's bad. Jay must be hearing it from them....but what can Jay do...He can't make writers cross the line.

No one knew this strike was one had a backup plan?We just sit and's all on Jay? I can't believe that...

Can't someone come up with a temp. contract just for the show that the WGA will approve untill the strike is over?


Observer said...

Hey GloZell, I'm sorry if I came off sounding mean.....I did not mean it that way.

What I meant was you should maybe curb the comments on what you are hearing about Jay. The NBC folks realize you are a force to be reckoned with :>)

Patience is thin around there, I'm sure. As much as you would like to help out with the cause, you are NOT one of them, as this is just somewhat of a hobby for you. But these folks are losing paychecks day after day, week after week.

The reason they didn't want it to get out that Jay might have been paying the writers was that this would hurt the morale of the writers who weren't getting anything.

My recommendation would be to keep writing your blog (we all love reading it!) but try to keep the personal stuff out of there.

Peace to you -

Melinda said...

Well, the Observer does have a point. I mean, your ear is on the streets right now. You might stumble across some info that could step on some toes. I see that.

Yet, I do like how you keep it real!! Ahahaha! You know, I've gotten a better image of Jay from reading this blog. You are the one reported that he comes out to greet the writers every day. I didn't read that anywhere else.

I could see how it could be tough because Letterman & Conan are getting kudos for paying their writers. Seems Jay's hand was forced to show that he is paying them too, eveb if he didnt want that info out there. That's the impression I am gettng.

This must all suck for him, seeing as he is a workaholic and loves doing the show.

Hmmm....well, now you see, given the circumstances, how powerful a simple blog can be. It can be a tricky though. Do you use it as a diary and keep it real regarding EVERYTHING you hear & feel? Or do you use it as a stepping stone to show your comedic skills and funny insights into a not so funny (right now) situation?

Either way, I'll be reading! Happy bloggin' :)

GloZell said...

Do you personal stuff?...because I did know that the writers got paid was all.

Now that's my problem...I..(first of all I wished I read this comment before I posted today(Thursday)...

So I did get Jay in trouble...I..I Hold on I got to erase something from today's blog..

GloZell said...

Okay! Observer, I'm back...I think a reporter...or someone who knows the biz...or...well I have never been accused of having common sense.

Blog must be done by professional people...and they have a better...eye...or ear...for this kind of stuff.

I didn't choose comedy...this is just what people would tell me becuase my thought sometimes are from a different angle...but I see and hear what I think is way worse...

Maybe this glich will bypass but if by personal you are refering to the "pay writers thing" I had no ounce of this is not right to say about that at all.

If by personal you mom,boyfriend,family,church...I need it broken down like I'm 4 to understand.

If personal is like the " Jay Leno stuff" Where do I write that...

I guess I need to...I don't know what you mean by personal. I didn't know that Jay showing up everyday is personal... I don't understand.

You do because you are in the In...but I...

When I get things it's way to late...I can't read between the lines.

Joe M. told me I was getting Jay in trouble but it seemed so impossable so crazy...that I could wrap myself around how that could be.

I don't even understand the strike...we are suppose to go to 4000 Alameda tomorrow(Friday) which is where they shoot reality shows...I thought that's was off the striking list.

I asked another striker why are we going there and she said I don't know?

You told me I should go away...(let me scroll down and check...hold on..yes you did) So I should go to CBS...or just stop!

I THINK you are saying ( and I am totaly an idiot) don't say anything about Jay or NBC...

since I can't go to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...and it's kind of a burdon lifted because I am in fear all of the time of something to do with the show...

It's jacked up how this is ending...I know the show will be back...And maybe somehow...Jay will stay longer...

However...I have nothing to loose...maybe I can undo something...well I trust you Observer...this whole thing is pretty wierd...


GloZell said...

I am so sorry I didn't repond to you yesterday. I thought I got everyone.

I didn't get how anyone was still on a pay roll without a show...

I am learning as I go...and If I feel does the people who are really involved...

This is a hobby for me...but I have spoken to many a writer on the strike who haven't sold anything...or haven writen in a while...not a part of a show...not in the GWA but want to be...

They are the same as I except I'm not going to be in the WGA.

Some say don't give up...but Observer(Who is on the inside and helping me out...I think) say that I should go away... if I have messed things isn't the time to leave...I think?

Thanks Anon,


GloZell said...

I am so sorry I didn't repond to you yesterday. I thought I got everyone.

I didn't get how anyone was still on a pay roll without a show...

I am learning as I go...and If I feel does the people who are really involved...

This is a hobby for me...but I have spoken to many a writer on the strike who haven't sold anything...or haven writen in a while...not a part of a show...not in the GWA but want to be...

They are the same as I except I'm not going to be in the WGA.

Some say don't give up...but Observer(Who is on the inside and helping me out...I think) say that I should go away... if I have messed things isn't the time to leave...I think?

Thanks Anon,


GloZell said...

Melinda,(part 2)
I do use this as a diary and I gess I just don't realize who reads it. It can't all be fun...I have to be happy all of the time

I was just writing everything...I don't come across as that great all the time...

I write about EVERYTHING! But If I right about what happens in my day...that also includes other people and I call myself in the clear if I don't say names...I don't know why the few people I do see from the Tonight Show are so nice to me now.

I can leave NBC with(me) getting nothing but now it's less than nothing and under a hole.

I wonder if Ross the Intern get's into trouble...

This will have to pass somehow...Noone is talking about Ellen anymore...I remeber when she was called all kindss of things from eveyone except her writers...

Boy...I can't believe that I can do any damage to NBC. Me?...What to do....what to do...who to trust...who to believe...


Observer said...

Wow, did I get you all riled up, GloZell!!

What I meant by "personal" was that sometimes you write about folks' clothing, or their hair, or what expression they had on their face....that kind of stuff. I don't think the staff really likes that. They are not in the public eye, therefore, you are kind of invading their privacy by talking about them like that.

Jay is fair game, I agree. He is the one who puts himself on the line, carrying the responsibility of all of those folks' jobs. But you are taking out your frustations on not getting into the business on Jay.

These are stressful times. When I said to disappear for a while, I didn't mean to leave your post. I meant to not make any remarks that others could find intrusive, as the strikers are, I'm sure, feeling a bit sensitive about everything right now.

Your blog is very interesting. Lots of people read it. BTW, I am not an insider. (kind of flattered that you would think I am!) All I see is you going a little easier on the comments about the people connected with the show and the network. This will eventually end, and you want them to remember that you supported them with class and good judgement, that's all.

So, my friend, hang in there. What you have learned from this experience will help you in some future endeavor, it just has not been revealed yet. Have faith! This may open another door - one that you haven't been willing to see.

Peace be to you-