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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GloZell, GloZell, GloZell...

I didn't want to go to strike today...I blogged Jay should grow some balls yesterday...How do you recover from that? So I went later than I usually do...I didn't want to see Joe M. or Peter(Jay's writers) or Jay...I wasn't sure if I would get fired from a strike.(That would qualify as Black History)

GloZell's Ghetto Strike Couture...for plus size....available nowhere soon.
Most of the people wave and honk...but some( a few everyday) yell" Go back to work"or "Get a Job"...and people flick us the bird finger... But you just wave and smile anyways...It was Joesph D. Birthday!(Head Writer of the show "Saving Grace" His wife Beverly brought a cake...Saving Grace...not saving calories ( Joesph D. said that this is where he needed to spend his Birthday...can't let his team down)Wade from Saving Grace...and his little dog too. Someone made Egg sandwiches...Maurice didn't care for that...
But he loved the cake...I was getting ready to cross the street to leave..and here come Joe M. (Jay's Head Writer)walking my way.
GloZell==(come one light change before Joe gets down here! PLEASE! I was mashing the button over and over)

Joe== Hi GloZell.
GloZell==(Go on say it...I'm stupid... I know...I got Jay in trouble...I look bad... I can't strike anymore...Jay Hates me...NBC is suing me... Can't go to the show again in life WHAT!...just say it)

Joe== Thank you for coming out and striking everyday...we appreciate it.

GloZell==(???) Thank you for having me? ( I...guess Joe M. could see I was already down.. maybe he didn't read yesterday's blog...Or no one cares?...even if Joe M. is lying...I was so happy to hear lifted my spirits...this strike has got to end soon)
Dear Lord,

Please help that the Church Librarian doesn't say anything to me right now while I am blogging because she is nuts and I will need you to look the other way if she does....

( I should say something...Right?...Be the bigger person...I could use some Christian points right now)

GloZell== Hi... I will be out of here soon...(silence)...I like your cross it lights up...that's neat.
Librarian== Grarrrr

OOOKay...she just growled at me...I'm done for today!


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I saw Beverly walking her dog this morning. I said to her "Hi, I'm friends with GloZell and I've seen you on her blog. (she had no idea what I was talking about) You know, from the strike..." I still don't think she knew what I was talking about. Anyway, it turns out we are neighbors!

Anyway, GloZell... I've been thinking about your situation out there on the line. Joe (head writer) is just as nice as can be. Have you thought about getting some career advice from the guy. What do you really want to do with The Tonight Show? Be the next Ross the intern type? Ask Joe for some couldn't hurt.

Ross the intern meet "GloZell the audience coordinator" Maybe right? could work.

GloZell said...

Fightn' mad Mary,

Do you really think that I GloZell Lyneette Green...Queen of Foot in mouth have a piece of a chance to do anything at all with NBC EVER?

I'm lucky they haven't put a restraing order on me.

I can't talk to Joe...even if he thought "yes that's a great idea"...Jay would say No!

It's nice to know you think...maybe I have a chance. Who knows...I never thought I would be telling Jay off. So anything can happen.

Thanks, I feel better!