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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GloZell's Ghetto Gossip!


So all the Late Night people are going back...Suprise!...Is someone from WGA going to heckle Jay Leno when he they did Carson Daly?
I wish someone would try... NBC won't need security that day if I'm there!

So we all been played...Do you think Jay and his writers didn't know that he was going back in January?

Do you believe that Jay isn't going to have any help from any writers when he returns....HA HA HA! David Letterman will have writers...and Jay is going to...wing it...I don't think so! Let's say my name is.... (oh, let's just pull one right out of the air)... JOE-zell M.ean and I am Jay's Head Writer who he talks to EVERYDAY...

Would I..... JOE-zell M.ean just let my friend/boss... WING IT...not slip him a joke... a concept...something?..

What do you think we have been TALKING about for 7 weeks!... High School Musical?

I JOE-zell M.ean who has been writing for JAY LENO for 15 years... would consult with Jay.... for no pay.. .of course.... I wouldn't want anyone blogging that Jay pays his writers!

(Joe M. (Jay's head writer) Do you have something to say to me.?... Oh I didn't think so! You can call me... Ms. Nubian Beautiful Creature... or Ms. NBC for short)

JAY WILL BEAT DAVID LETTERMAN IN THE RATINGS! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! When I (GloZell) come back to the show ... I will also attend Carson Daly's piece of show from time to time... (I blogged that with attitude!)

Lynn Spears (16 years old) is pregnant! That's worse than Brittany Spears(her sister) who was older and married when she had both her kids! (they were so cute in the Got Milk add) If Jamie wants to be like Brittany who drives recklessly with her children...What's Jamie going to do to top that...Bungee Jump with her kid.... Mrs. Spears (da Mom)... was due to have a book on"How to be a good parent the Christian way"

Unless I missed the part where Jamie Lynn is " Mary" and her boyfriend is "Joseph"...That book would do great on Si-Fi/ True-to-Life Fiction shelf!...or she can change the name to "How to be a good parent to a 16 year old tramp and still love the Lord"... Brittany was a good role model for Jamie Lynn I'm writing a book for men called" Stop Spearing the Spears"...In your local book store this summer. ---------------

Tyra Banks really thinks she is Oprah... Tyra has been giving out lots of gifts on her show...gaining weight..(probably her thyroids also)

Now all she needs is a "Best Friend"...Who is less pretty with big gums...( Tyra's Shim friend Miss J will do)HOT MESS! And be in and /or Support ,Schools, Produce Movies, and Plays... where MOST of the Black women, don't have a weave, straightening comb, perm... and no make-up...and are outside a lot!
Such as: Color Purple, Color Purple the Musical, Beloved: Their Eyes Were Watching God..Do you know how hard it is for Halle Berry to look bad!The Great Debater...Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls..

Oprah is always the best looking woman on her the set. (Okay...not mad at her for that)

Major League Baseball!

They want to stop Steroids and Human Growth Whatever? Are they nuts! Have you ever sat through a Baseball Game? It's about 12 hours long!


If they take the players speed pills away...How much longer and more boring would Baseball Be? If the players don't mind their gonads shrived up to the size of a raisin... just to hit the ball as far as they can... Let them drink Juice... So I can buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and go home! --------------------------
I was thinking about the swastika thing Hindu people want to bring it back in a positive way .... Will never work in the USA!

What would I look like wearing a noose around my neck talking about" I want this to now Represent Family Unity...

And the Middle finger...when you flick people now represents... LoVe...


Dave said...

Hey Glozell,

Just wanted to let you know that I continue to enjoy reading your blog each day since we met you back in September of 2006 in the lobby waiting for the Jay leno. We are Dave and Kelly from Kansas City and we were expecting our third child and our trip was kind of our last hoorah before Sadie came. Sadie is now 9 months old and doing well.

Keep up the is bright spot in my day to see what you are reporting on.

Merry Christmas
Dave Caldwell -

GloZell said...

Dave, Kelly, and baby Sadie!

I remember you... Kelly had a cross around her neck and you have a smooth head... and bright eyes...
and you didn't tell me you were going to have a baby...but I thought I saw a slight baby bump....I hope I got all that right...

Goodness... you have read some interesting stuff on this here blog... I shutter to think...

I'm glad that it is a bright spot for you...that helps so much for me to hear...

Every other day I'm like...What am I doing? Up's and Downs... I blog it all...

Florida will be interesting this go round... My mother did get rid of this old weight loss thing...

You stand and a belt goes around you and it shakes your hips.... It was from the olden days.... Why did we have one of those...

I hope to see you all again one day... Thanks so much!