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Thursday, December 06, 2007

GloZell Daly

Boyfriend== GloZell....GLoZell!...What's wrong with you? GloZell== I need to plead temporary insanity to undo damage control because I probably did get Jay Leno in trouble.

Boyfriend == Do you really think anybody cares about your blog?...Especially Jay Leno?...He doesn't care...I can't tell if you are serious or not...there is nothing temporary about your insanity GloZell

GloZell ==I Don't know what to do...(why is this blue?)Boyfriend ==Get up and can't die here. Just keep doing what your will be fine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am so happy to see Maurice these days...he has nothing to do with the strike...(except the food)...he told me that Ludicrous(the rapper) has signed on to his film ...then he had to go to work at Taco Bell.GloZell's Ghetto Strike designs from "House of Zell" collection (I guess I was wrong about not being able to tell that I didn't have on a brazier) Lilly( a retired Teamster) always makes us sandwiches...yesterday egg salad today tuna and chicken salad with carrots.(oh no my unstrapped boobie is on this little old lady) Mmmmm they were good sandwiches... Joe M. ( Head writer for The Tonight Show) brought Pears,apples bananas,and cheese on ice! And there has been more healthy snacks and more Strike T-Shirts.(Yeah!)
( I can't eat bananas in front of white Daddy said that white people think black people are I just don't) The goal for today was to not get into I ended up in a group with people I have never met before.

GloZell (this is perfect...I won't talk ..just do my three hours...and go blog at the church) During this conversation some poor guy's car broke down.( I didn't say a word aloud)
Guy 1.== We never had those problems with the last head writer.
Guys== Yeah

Guy 1. There is only 6 of us and the girl writer doesn't do S***. I mean come on..

Guy 1. == He really screwed us...really screwed us...and when he went back on air last week...that was the second time he screwed the writers.

Guy 3. They think they can do the show with out us!...The ratings are worst than ever. It was even in a automotive magazine about how bad the Carson Daly Show is without us...ha ha.
Guy 1. Yes, and the head writer is always taking credit for our S***.

Striker Guy ==Like how?
Guy1.== Remember the ping pong...ha ha ha
Guys == (all laugh) the ping pong Oh my G** I remember that.

Guy 1. This was a sweet plan. Carson comes out to do the show and two Mandarin Chinese guys are playing ping pong on his desk...and Carson is like " What the F*** I have a show to do"...then the guys say something in was going to F'ing kill.

Guy 1.== So Head writer went to USC or UCLA and got Ping Pong players to see if Carson's desk would work. Then he decides not to do the bit....we were like's going to kill.

Head Writer== No it won't work.
Guy 1. We had a F'ing rehearsal and it worked...It totally worked! The bit killed and afterwards he says" I'm glad I thought of that.". I was like What!

Striker== Is he a good guy?

Guy 2. Well...yes, I guess so. He's always been cool with me.

Guy 1. Carson shouldn't have F'ing crossed the line...

Striker== But Carson Daly went back to save his staff.

GloZell (Yes, I heard Carson say that on TV)
Guy 2. He didn't even call us...

Striker== You guys didn't know he was going back on air with out you?...Carson didn't call you...nobody called you?

Guy1. NO!(he walked off)

Striker Guy== Ellen told her writers...she spent more time talking about the dog...but she talked to her writers...Jay talks to his writers...he still talks to them. I saw him here days ago in a little blue car talking to his writers...

GloZell (Yes the car matched Jay's eyes)

Striker == My uncle use to have a car like that. The steering wheel is on the right. My uncle's dog would ride with him. So My Uncle glued a steering wheel on the left and would sit low in his people would think the dog was driving...ha ha ha.

I wanted to tell Jay that but...he just drove off...

GloZell ( no comment )

Guy 2. == We didn't get a call...nothing.
(The name of the show is kind of ironic..huh?...Last Call...ha)

GloZell== ( These guys don't hate the Head writer or Carson Daly...they are just hurt...People say anything when they feel thrown away... and disregarded...unimportant...I learned that lesson this week!OKAY)
The guy went on to talk about other shows and different skits...they are pretty funny...after this strike I will give Carson Daly show another chance.
I went to my church to blog and I heard a lot people I peeked in and saw someone I have been seeing at the strike...pretty well known.

Before I went in to say hi...a lady was walking in.

GloZell== What's going on in there?

Lady== It's a umm a AA meeting.

GloZell== (AA meeting?... that person doesn't look like they ever was a drunk...We all need to medicate ourselves some how...for me it's food. Addiction is addiction just have to learn control I didn't say hi)
I have to go before I run into the growling Church Librarian.


Anonymous said...

hey, glo! Girl, now you KNOW you need a bra! WTHeck? lol! You must really be stressin'! Keep hope alive!! this media pundit on the radio today said that if the strike aint over by next week, it'll probably go on until Feb! Blah! But there's always that chance that it will be over next week! Let us hope.

I will say that last night they showed Chris Farley as a guest (and a young Tyra Banks--she looks better now than when she was a "supermodel")and I sat there thinking "there are some sad hearts tonight." I just pictured ppl who knew him or loved him as an entertainer being misty eyed.

I never was a big fan, but I liked him last night. He seemed to have such an undercurrent of desperation and need to please. It was kinda enduring. He'd do ANYTHING for a laugh, even belly flop on the pavement. Anyway, just thought I'd comment on something other than the strike and whatnot.

Keep your head up and follow your heart! I'd really love to see you branch out from the Tonight Show to host your OWN SHOW!! These folks on youtube are doing it! All kinda of fake "news" broadcasts that comment on entertainment, TV shows you name it. Bringing jokes.

Maurice is doing it BIG, huh? Congrats to him. See, the sky is the limit!!! :)

PS I am on the floor cracking up right now at this repeat! Glozell, if you aint watching these reruns you're really missing it! LMBBO! MJordan was on and so were the Chicago dance line. they had on spandex disco looking pants and glitter tops. And the black girl up front was over-eager doing these crazy kicks all over the place lmao!!! too funny..And Kevin was laughing like a maniac! He's really toned it down over the years...geez...ahaha good night & always remember, whatever you do--BRING THE FUNNY! You have a gift!

GloZell said...


I thought for some reason if I'm wearing black that you wouldn't be able to tell that I didn't have on a bra! When I looked at the pictures...I was like...WHY GloZell Why!

I loved Chris Farley on SNL...most of the ones I like from that show are dead and died tragicly...

I have been hearing better things about the reruns...(That's good...more money for the show)

Maurice is working at Taco Bell,Executive Producing and Producing a Film with Danny does he do so much?

This whole Jay Leno blow up thing is a great reason and time to look into Youtube.

I'm at the end of the road with the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...I would like to stick out the strike...I don't think it will be too much longer (two weeks..fingers crossed)

I wouldn't know that I could do anything on a it's time to step it up. Then I wouldn't have to be at NBC all the time...I'm not allowed to go back when the show starts up anyways...And thats seemed to be the only way I was going to stop! So I should thank NBC.

I feel good about the Youtube thing...Thanks! Thanks alot...
Take care!

GloZell( I will be crossing my heart!)



Observer said...

GloZell, why do you say that you won't be allowed to go back to the TS after the strike is over? Did someone tell you that??

Melinda said...

Girl, that first post was mine!! I swore I signed my name, but I guess not! lol Couldn't ya tell it was me?

Wait, hold the presses, you were TOLD that you're not allowed back to the show? Are you serious??

GloZell said...

Hey Observer!

Your comment on Glo Vs. Jay "you said that I wouldn't be allowed back to the show when it starts and you know it will be back".

So I thought I can't go back...either way... I'm over the show...I do love every one from the pages to the Producers...

I'm ready to go do something else ...The Tonight Show exsperience(sorry about the spelling) taught me that I can talk about anything and anyone in any situation...and bean interest to a lot of different people....

I going to ride this strike out...but how stupid whould I be to go another 1 or 2 more years doing the same have to move up or sideways... or something.

I know NBC will miss me (lol)

But you got to know when to hold them..know when to fold them...know when to walk away...and Know when to go Glo...

No hard feelings...I still think Jon Stewert is a better replacement for Jay ( if Jay retires) but...I'm retiring from the Tonight Show after the strike regardless...I will make myself go and sing!




GloZell said...

Jay is a nice height...does that do anything for you?

I thought Observer was from the inside because they know so much about about Jay and the show...

So...It lifted a huge fear...I have been living working through...oh no I wonder who is going to mad if I say this or who is going to be mad if I think that...

And the only person that I have talked about on this blog that I can't stand is(drum roll please)

the Chuch Libraian... (she can't talk in her head and she cursed me out at church) she is nuts!

Everyone else...stars included...I love them... you only talk about people who are interesting...and hope that they can take it with a grain of salt...