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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Glo's letter to The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Hey Mr. James Douglas Muir Leno AKA "Jay Leno",

Just wanted to let you know that you are staying at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno until 2011 or longer! I put my foot down on that! Let me point some things out to you.

These segments work on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

Can we scare Betty White? Yes...threaten to take her Chocolate Ensure away...

Can you impress Ed Asner ? Yes give him bubble gum flavored Denture cream and introduce him to softer Adult Pampers.
Marjorie Johnson and her cookies
Fred Willard

Pump Casting

However all of the people are two fossils old! The one thing that Conan has over your show, is that his audience is younger! I'm sure that at least one of those people wont be alive by 2011.

This next coming years..You have to keep the fossils but and some new life...
(The younger section)
Judgmental "B" with the Soprano Guy

Gilbert Godfrey
John Melendez when he competing against people
Howie Mandel (as a correspondent and a guest)
Jaywalking/And the Jaywalking all stars
Celebrity Jeopardy/ The President Bush impersonator is amazing!
Photo Booth

And of course "Ross the Intern"

With all of the segments that work that's a total of only two women! And they both ladies are over 80 years old!
The other corespondents don't work! Most people watch the monologue and turn the station or go to sleep.

When John Melendez is in the audience and you are answering questions...that is not funny. But it is great that the audience is seen, they love that. The bit is weak.

I'm sure that you and your staff can spruce things up. NBC says that they are America's Late Night Leader...So lead. There are a lot more diverse people in California then. It's 2007/2008. A woman is a strong lead for President of the United States! A black man is successfully running for the President of the United States...It's a new day and time so keep up!

The Tonight Show Band has to have a new songs for the new year! They have too! Johnny Carson's band was always featured! With great songs.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Band is good also, but people want to hear more of what they got and where else they play. Feature them...with new music.

Let Jeff do a funny make over to someone in line, or every once in a while wear something dressed up but not a suite...everyone wears a suit...More audience talents...crazy Jay Leno stories from the audience... something new! Anything...try somthing...Kevin has to sing..ect.


I bet Maurice is going CRAZY not being able to count the show line...we will be back next week...just hold on!


GloZell's Ghetto Gripe!

These California fires has killed one person, burned over 600 homes, and has taken all the focus on TV! I haven't seen" The View", "Day's of Our Lives" Nothing in the morning! It's got to rain or something...this is just wrong.This was the week on" The View"with out dry skin always itching has nothing to contrubute Elizabeth. I can't stand her.


Melinda said...

Girl, yes! More photo booth!!

I agree with your other suggestions too. But what you forgot was YOU! LOL! You need to pitch a funny segment featuring yourself!!

I also think they need to stop with that dumb zooming camera at the start of the show! It's so tired!! And it makes it hard to get a feel for what the studio looks like. The band should be able to do a few CURRENT songs!! If NBC is so worried about the younger set, why do they have Kevin doing "All Right Now" and other dusty songs so much? I do prefer Kevin and Jay together over Dave and Paul, or Conan and Max. Kevin and Jay have an easy rapport that seems to work.

John Melendez is a mystery to me. I honestly don't know what he does other than hold up that Tonight Show mug. He looks uncomfortable and embarrassed every time the camera's on him. I wonder how he got that gig?!

Melinda said...

also forgot to mention that Halle had to apologize for her jewish comment. her joke really made the rounds in the media.

if it weren't for this blog, i would've never known about this--they edited it out here. they also edited out the time when Jay joked about The Rock being white. I read about that here as well

you always have the scoop! ahahaha!

"Shorts Girl" said...

Hey GloZell!

It's "Short's Girl" here! (as you called me last week).

I'll be seeing you on Monday! I'm going back to see my favorite AI!!!

Also, I have a little gift for you! & I'll bring some snacks!

See you in the morning "GloJay"

GloZell said...

Melinda you beter preach the truth! They have to update... Dusty songs...ha ha ha.

Oh child you got me cracking up!

John Melendez? someone must have owed someone a favor...he is a nice guy but...

The Zooming camera right! I don't watch the show at night I shows nothing...

The one thing that works is Jay and Kevin... that holds people until the guest, then people change the station.

I have met so many people who say they watch the beginnig then turn.

Photo booth is so funny! Thanks for thinking of me! They can send me to the BET Awards, Essence Awards ect. They have never gone.

I would like to suprise some of the people I met in line by showing up to their house...Like a road trip...

Or putting up pictures of myself and Jay in the crazyest places across the world? I don't know. I know I can make anything funny.

They truly need something else. I have been watching the show and when Jay announces that he is going to stay...

He has to step it up...

John Melendz has to be a guest and explain what he is to the show...

I didn't know they edited Halle...very smart on their behalf...she was trying to be funny...Ha

Well I hope they listen to us

Take care Melinda,


GloZell said...

Hey Shorts Girl!

Yeh! I love it when people I met are coming! That way I already know it's going to be a fun day!

Snacks! That's my favorite...If you can have them on the healthy side. I must loose 50 pounds!
who am I fooling...I'll eat whatever!

Thanks Shorts Girl,