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Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Principal who fired my mother had a baby boy last Sunday...he was due Nov. 7th. She is on bed rest and says that she will be back to work in two weeks. The School Board is still looking over the case... So far nothing has been said as far as over turning the Principal's decision to firing my mother .

I did tell my mother that people from my blog have been praying for her...Thanks.

Boyfriends Parents are coming to town today for his mother's Aunt's Birthday Ball!
I have been cleaning his apartment but I can't go to the only. Since the Aunt is rich they decided to give to a charity in the Aunt's name. They chose...Blind Children of Israel...(okay)

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP-----------------------------------------------------------------The California seems like the rich get fires (they are usally up high in the mountains)and the poor get floods..."Katrina" ---------------

Oprah is going to kick some African behind!... One of her School Teachers in Africa has been accused of sexual misconduct to one of the girls at Oprah's School! If the teacher or the student is lying...woe be unto them. Oprah has gone to Africa twice about this matter... Who ever is in the wrong won't even exists anymore...the tribe will handle that.
Oprah says that her thyroid is the reason she has been gaining weight... Is that what they are calling fast food now?
Seal and Heidi Klum was on Oprah saying how they get married again every year... If I was Seal I would do that also... He probably can't believe he is married to her...She can have him...not on my lonliest, blindest day could I ever be with Seal...Thank you Heidi. Donald Trump anounced that he wants to have a talk show...Great I can't wait to see his curly lips and brown cotton candy hair every week.

Mariah Carey has a perfume out... The smell is a cross between butterflies and a Breakdown!

Queen Latiffa is 200 pounds and proud! I'm 205 pounds. Both of us are 5'10 Cindy Crawford is 5'10 and 130 pounds! I'm going watch my thyroid intake!

Some people try so hard to be beautiful and just go way too far...
Naomi Camble spends 7oo dollars on eyelash extensions every 6 weeks! I pay 575 for my glorified closet Apartment in Los Angeles that I share with two mice, when it rains the ceiling leaks on the kitchen(hot plate) and a toilet that if you flush twice in a row it waste comes up through the shower drain... I'm not hating...I have a glass slipper somewhere...


Madlab Post said...

The "rich get fires and the poor gets floods" ? That is an interesting observation. Hopefully the situation with your mother and that principal will be straightened out soon. Hey, you can't go to the ball because its family only? What kind of s#?t is that? I am not sure if you wanted to go or not because you definitely have to make sure that the timing allows you to still get to the next Tonight Show taping (You know I need those updates! since I don't watch every day. LOL). I haven't been to any family functions with a guy that I have been seeing and would love to be included in something, but then again, that void can always be filled with a much more fun activity.

That is a shame that you are coming down on Seal like that. He seems like a nice guy. He makes great songs and dresses nice. To each his(or her) own, I suppose. Everyone has their own preferences. He seems like a cool guy.

Nicole said...

I was scrolling to find your opinion on the episode with Jamie Foxx on Wednesday. I didn't find it , or probably missed it, but his interview was funny. I wonder why he came on there so late, because Kingdom has been in theaters for a while now. Good thing that I kept the TV tuned to NBC. I missed the rest of the show though, thanks to Sex and the City. Hey, it was an episode that I never saw before...I know that its not better than the Tonight Show, but so what! Lol

Melinda said...

say, Nicole, Jamie was a repeat. His episode aired the week before The Kingdom came out. This whole week they are playing repeats.
I looooooved Jamie and Sherri Sheperd from The View.

Glozell, you did make an interesting point with the rich/fire, poor/floods comment. Goes to show, though, whether you're up or down, nature don't give a rip!(FEMA may, though). And that's too high to get over, too low to get under lmao....let me quit! ahahahaa take care.

Shorts Girl! said...

Hey GloZell!

I'm gonna call you "GG". That sounds kinda cute!

I sure hope your Mom gets her job back! I'm praying for her too!

I just love Ms. Dana Elaine Owens AKA "Queen Latifah" You know... on a return trip from Miami some years ago, the jerks at the airport told me my gate was so-and-so, and so there I go... Waiting and waiting, nothing is happening there, so I asked someone and they said, oh no, that flight was changed to another gate. And there I go running, hauling luggage. I ran and ran and ran. I was dying! I ran out of breath, my throat was hurting, I was exhausted, and the damn gate was still far away. Not even an idiot on one of those motor cars would give me a ride to the gate. So after running forever I finally make it. Fortunately there were two other people still boarding. The door had to have closed about 10 min prior to my getting there, but fortunately it hadn't! So I get on, and I'm trying to catch my breath. I feel sick to my stomach, and I'm burning up, and I'm drying for a drink of water. I couldn't wait to get to my seat. So I'm standing there in First Class waiting for the fools infront of me to go to their seats in Coach so that I could do the same and I look up to the side, and low and behold, who do I see sitting in First Class, with head phones on relaxing, and looking as great as ever! Not one speck of make-up on her face! It was non-other than the Queen herself! It was MS. Queen Latifah! That sure made me smile! That was the only good thing about that flight! The rest was miserable!!!

Ok, so I'll see you on Monday! I'm excited! I can't wait!!!

Never thought of Donald's hair to resemble cotton candy...LOL

GloZell said...

Madlab post...I saw the Oprah interview with Seal and let me tell you! He is so in love with his wife and after he told his life story. I was boo hooing!

It changed how I see him...He is an wonderful person who over came hardships. I can see much better how Klum is in love with him also!

Seal is a very nice guy and I wish them the best successful marriage!

The rich fires and the poor floods...just something that seems to happen over and over again...If the two came together...what a safer world I bet.

Thanks for the brow beating about Seal...take care!


GloZell said...

Nicole, just as Melinda said...all this week was reruns. S*x and the City...I love that show I can't wait to see the movie...I hope it's good. They just need to bring that show back.

Take care,

GloZell said...

Nicole, just as Melinda said...all this week was reruns. S*x and the City...I love that show I can't wait to see the movie...I hope it's good. They just need to bring that show back.

Take care,

GloZell said...


It also seems that the rich/fires get more attention and faster help.
Did the Bush go to Louissiana the within the first week of Katrina?


GloZell said...

Short's Girl I will see you tomorrow! I love it when you meet a star and they are good people. So many times and it's never the big stars act like they can't stand you talking to them.

I think that it is Great that Queen Latifah made your flight!

Donald Trupms hair to me looks like the cotton candy at the fair when they wrap it around that stick. If the candy was brown and they use his head insted of a stick..same thing!

See ya tomorrow!
P.S. Thanks for praying for my mother... you work for over 25 years then boom... The school board has said either no news is good news or...they are not going to do anything...and my time in California is...well...One day at a time.

GloZell again.


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