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Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Gloumbus Day!

Friday after the show Boyfriend took me to a book signing. It was some guy who wrote the book series Dexter and there is a show based on his book and twisted mind. He was very nice!

Happy Gloumbus Day!

On this day I GloZell have discovered if you sit outside the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 266 times in a row you get nothing! When I first started in July 2006 my behind was round now it's flat!(that must be a whole lot of sitting)
8 AM it's the Page I call "Hiro" in charge! First time he was by himself he locked himself out of the building while passing out show tickets, second time he locked everyone else out while passing out the wrong the Tonight Show with Jay Leno shirts were turned around. You couldn't see theT.S. Logo. The alarm went off at Guest relations today. Something alwasy happens when he is around.Hiro is one of my favorites because I never know what he is going to do next.Love him!
Maurice walked by today but the line was to short for him to count. Maurice says that he has a big meeting with Danny Glover this Friday...Maurice is also coming to the show that day.
Brian(Glendale) Mary,Andrea( Arkansas,who bought jackets from NBC Peacock Shop after I told then how cold it was in the studio) and Robyn from Canada!
Peter(Denmark) Kristi(who push vans) and the Toxic Twins Paula and Karen (they got that name because like they to have drinky drink)
Susan and Virginia. Susan works for a recycle place.Go Green! Susan would like if studios would use solar energy and energy efficient bulbs. One good tip from her: water bottles are made out of oil when you keep them in your car or someplace hot the chemicals break down and is in your water. Tap might be healthier.(

Denmark took off his shirt...I don't think it was that hot!I don't mind.
A van broke down in front of the Tonight Show I ran over and Kristi ran over. Kristi ran over to help the man push his car over to the Mobile station, I ran over to take a picture.
Pattie and Rod from PA. they went to Johnny Carson's last week and met Dottie who would come to the show all the time. ( I think she might be channeling me) Pattie and Rod came to the show when Ed Hall was the announcer and got a picture with Jay. Sandy the "B" from Pattie's work stole the picture and they never got another one. I enjoyed them and hope they come back to get that picture with Jay!

On the Show:

Ben Affleck who directed the movie "Gone Baby Gone" who was charming as ever.

Jim Norton some nasty little raunchy comic who the audience loved. I thought that he had some good material in places but he was too nasty for my taste. Over all people liked him. He was too little for me to believe some of the "relation" things he said he was involved in.

Speaking of shrimp like men...Smitty had on a Sports Jersey that looked like a dress on him. Patti and Rod said "we always see Smitty before the show he is so nice. (Yeh you see him because he eats the food in the green room., that's why he's always in the hallway. I should drop breadcrumbs that lead to his drum so he will stay there.)

Speaking of band members...Last Friday Doc (the black guy who has hair and plays the guitar behind Kevin Eubanks..I know you never noticed him) Hugged me as I was going in the studio. I have never spoken to Doc in my life. I said " Yeah I knew you were a fan" he laughed as I walked off. (I played it off real cool, I wonder if he thought I was someone else? )

Later that night I dreamt that Kevin Eubanks wanted me but I was on an Island and he swam to get to me.(Right, he almost drowned snokeling) We kissed and I woke up! Thank goodness it was just a blackmare!

The Shins: was the musical guest. The only interesting thing was that the singer from the Tonight Show band was playing the bongos for them. I guess she was the Knee. Get it the Shins...(boo GloZell boo)

Kurt the camera tech and his wife Joan are having a girl so you all(T.S.) should chip in and get them something like a gift card.(I told Kurt he was having a girl way before the doctors did)


Did you hear that Filipinos are mad at the show Desperate Housewives?

On the show one of the ladies (the skinny white one...that didn't narrow it down but anyways) said to her doctor "I need to check your degree to make sure you didn't get it in the Philippines".

Big deal! The Filipino community should be happy. The last time I heard Philippines mentioned on National Television was on the show M*A*S*H.
They should praying that some other big show call them Asian...they hate that... they are Island Pacific...I think. As long as it's said on East Coast, Central or Pacific time. They will be just fine.( I think they are the ones who eat dogs)

I'm from the country, I have had pigeon, squirrel, frog, possum.ect...don't knock it to you fry it.


Melinda said...

funny! always a good day when you mention Smitty! bwahaha...So would you say eubanks is your token Black hottie? haha

Afleck looks much healthier. I had no idea he was directing. he sure is doing better since leaving JLo. JLo's career has gone to pot. Morgan Freeman's hair looked a hot mess in that clip..all matted & chewed up in the back. great actor though.

I thought that comic was funny but he looks like a twirp. that's what makes his sex jokes feel icky i think.

Here's a lil something to complete your collection of funny eubanks photos. sweet mocha dreams, lady! ahaha

PS here is the guinness site. you have to fill out an application i think.

Melinda said...

looks like the link was cut off to that eubanks picture so here is the rest of it. just slap this on the end of the other one. sorry about that ahahaha!:


Steve from Dallas said...

Hey GloZell. Steve from Dallas... remember freezing outside last year the day before Thanksgiving waiting to get into the Tonight Show. I have not responded in a while, so here I am again.

I meant to ask you... do you record any of your visits to the Tonight Show? I asked a friend to record the Tonight Show the day you and I went / met, and did they... NO! The show was with Ellen Pompeo and Nelly Furtado.

I have not booked travel to LA yet. Still debating. I also went to the American Music Awards last year (the day before going to the Tonight Show) and I see they are no longer at the Shrine Auditorium. Now, they are at LA's Nokia Live Theater. I was thinking about going again... and maybe trying to get "After Party" tickets to the show - if Nokia does an after party event. I was also trying to see if there was a way to get the tickets for cheaper than the Internet prices - and if you know a way... let me know. You are closer to "the action" than I am.

The Texas State Fair just started. I took a day off during the week to go. I liked it. Oh, I once told you about the fact that I had an F250 which is perfect for Dallas traffic, and we joked about my having such a big vehicle... well, at the Fair I saw an F650 which is basically like looking at the front of a tractor trailer, and the tractor tapering down into a pickup bed. It was huge! Hey, it was the base model and (only) 87K... I was then told by one of the Ford representatives that some of the Dallas Cowboys liked the truck so much that they bought 6 or 7 of these vehicles, but pimped out with all the bells and whistles. This vehicle made my "big" truck look like a Tinker Toy!

Well, I like to do different things and I am still debating about LA again. I was actually thinking out traveling abroad as opposed to domestic travel. We shall see. Keep in touch, and if you have any vacation suggestions to the LA / Hollywood area, let me know as I better start organizing a trip soon before it is too late to book air travel prior to the holidays.

Take care,


GloZell said...

You have to come to the show to see Smitty waddle out of the green room I saw him today!

Morgan did look a hot mess I know they have a comb that can help a brother.

Yeh, icky! if the guy was fine it would be different he was talking about stuff that he dosn't get okay

Hey! It was crazy I have been at the Tonight Show way to long if I'm dreaming about Kevin!

Thanks for the guinnes info, you know I would have never found it!

Thanks Melinda I have to go to this goodby gathering at Boyfriends but I will figure out how to see and put up the picture of Kevin...mocha dreams of Kevin..I need prayer.


GloZell said...

How can I forget you...Insted of the Tonight Show doing the right thing and tell us that if it's a millitary show we are not going in... No we sit outside in the freezing cold when the Navy bus wasn't there and we still couldn't go in. Just tell us from the jump.

Man it was cold...The Tonight Show was wrong that day...We were out there for over an hour...

I don't know much about anything else but The Tonight Show with Jay Leno... Of cource I would love for you to see the show this time...

But If you have a chance to travel out the country Go!

I hope your mother is well...

Keep in touch let me know what you end up doing!


PS.I'm still waiting out side the show everyday.

Pattie said...

Hi Glozell!

Just a short post to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you. We were disappointed that The Tonight Show doesn't reward the 'common' people (i.e., people without facelifts, implants or obvious cleavage)with front-row seats - even though they wait in line for hours to see the show! But, thanks to you, the wait was not only fun, but worthwhile!! you are soooooo awesome. If I practice talking like that while swinging my hair back, what do you think my chances are of getting into at least the 3rd row?

Thanks again.