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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GoulZell....Ha ha Ha!

I didn't know if it was going to be a big day like yesterday Ron Paul supporters were everywhere! I have never seen it like that before.. Today I got to the line at one was was dark...on Halloween!
7:15 Wayne showed up. I remembered his name. He was here twice week before last.

This is how this conversation went. Wayne was doing all of the talking... Wayne--- I know you can tell I'm not black...(what)..yeh my father was oriental and white and my mother was Oriental and black... I started the WNBA...I had 400 women but I have narrowed it down to a few...the only black woman I have is Latoya Jackson...I can't wait to have kids... I might marry Pat Boone's daughter...or Christie Hefner...Hugh Hefner from Play Boy daughter...the one who bothers me the most about getting married is Jenna Bush...I would have to move her out of the White House... Ivanka Trump thinks I'm going to pick her but I don't know...I have to love the parents just as much as the daughter... Don't tell anyone but my father was one of the Three Stooges...Curly..(yeh I think he was the Oriental one)... when I get married I guess I will move my wife into one of my Hawaii homes... Don Hoe loves me...

I can't come to the show to see Denzel Washington tomorrow because I have a job fair...

GloZell--- You are giving a job fair?

Wayne----No I'm going to this big job fair for bosses at the Hilton at Universal Studios... I was thinking about buying a Bugatti that car cost 1 million dollars...I only want Jay to work on it...Jay would come over if I asked him to...Katie Curick want to be my secretary...I saw Carol Burnett on the bus on the way over here... Carol is just like a mother to me.
(I wish I was good enough to make this stuff up) This was before 8 AM

Then the next person in line was STINKY! The last time he was here he went to the bathroom in front of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno door.
11 AM when I got to the show line...Wayne was telling this nice couple from Ohio " If you bring me Vanilla coffee I will hold your spot in line" They came back with the coffee. (they bought Waynee two befor the day was over)
Then they wanted to take a walk and Wayne told them for more coffee he would hold their spot. I told them that you don't have to do anything for Wayne! There was only three people in line. Wayne STINKY and his companion!

No one wanted to sit next to them!
People were complaining so I kicked them out of the line... and told them they can come back when it's time to go into the show! They smelled like HOT DONKEY!

I was the only one with a costume on! Marice stopped by...After going to the job fair that was today...Wayne missed it.

Larkin who is a rapper or something passed by...
Wesley walked by...
A reporter Ric Frances took pictures because of the whole writer strike and how it's gong to affect NBC...
NBC SUPER PAGES Nazanin and Jade have only two more weeks until their year is up! They have always been so nice... I hope they get super million dollar jobs soon...

Ms. J ( in red who frequents the show) said" They have a new girl, I don't know her..I said " That is Nanny"! She really looked good.
The Pages was involved in a photo shoot for a new NBC reality show. (which doesn't need writers)

When we lined up...guess what STINKY was doing....
I told the Pages who told Tony(Head of security) but STINKY went to the show and sat next to the Ohio couple who told me after the show..."He smelled so bad"

The funny thing is that STINKY is a very nice guy!-----------


Jay's joke about Bobby Brown Crack Head made Mrs. J laugh so hard... she was stumping and was funny.

Eva Mendez...very pretty...talked about food and her bad driving...her dress was too big at the top. Laverne was showing more than Shirley. The dress made her look bigger than she is.

Marjorie Johnson...(old lady who talks a lot) cut herself while making pies...Jay teased her to death about blood in the pies. Jay passed the pie to the people in the first couple of rows.
Jeff B. came out with Lenny the lint brush and brushed the invisible lint off of Jay during the break!

Barry Manilow... was...good. I have met people in line who have paid to see Barry's concerts in Vegas and he didn't finish. Manilow only did enough to get paid , said he was sick and walk off stage. But people all over the world love him. And he is a big star. (Vickie got off her drums to talk to Kevin through half his song then turned around and spoke to Smitty they were laughing about something) Jay announced that Denzel will be here tomorrow and Steve Carell will be here on Friday.
Steve Carell ? He was just here... either it's going to be a rerun because of a writer's strike or the Back Street Boys aren't coming on Friday. Time will tell.--------------


In line today people were saying that Jay is in the mafia from his father side(Italian) and that is how he got the Tonight Show job instead of David Letterman...(Thanks Mafia) and all his gigs in Los Vegas! (Mafia head quarters) But now that Jay doesn't want to leave the show he should call up "THE FAMILY" and have them make the call. WOW! Jay was hoping not to have to do that but he will have to if he really wants to stay! And that Jay is built like a race horse(Italian)...(He does have the Heavy "D"Walk)
Also word on the street is if their is a writer's strike, Jay will be forced to write for the show. Jay wants to support the writers but if the stick goes to long he will have to write, because he does want to keep his job... and he can't go against "THE FAMILY "if they make the call for him.

If you make a certain amount of money the Mafia seeks you out and takes some or else...

This is crazy!

If I don't blog tomorrow you know who got to me...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ron Paul and the GlovoLution!

I woke up early this morning. I didn't think Tom Cruise was going to draw a big crowed. I got to the line at 6 AM in the dark and " Oh my goodness" The line was already around the corner!

I stood at the back and asked" Are you people here for Tom Cruise?"
Noooooooooooooooooooooo.Ron Paul...

I told them I come to the show everyday...all of a suddenthey moved me to the front of the line, offered me coffee and donuts, and gave me T-Shirt. This was the best group of people ever!. I had never heard of Ron Paul but I knew he must be some kind of Rock Star.

(Walter who was making a Ron Paul belt from scratch...he was in line at 2:30 AM)

Ron Paul turned out to be a Doctor who is running for President of the United States! He has the best supporters I have ever seen at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I had fun!
There was a rumor that the Church of Scientology had 350 people on the guest list today and no one else is going to get in. Only Tom Cruise People.
( The man who brought the outline to make your own Ron Paul poster)
Kathy thought that Jenna Bush and Russell Crow was on today...that's what she was told when she called last week. Kathy was so made when she found out that show was yesterday! I told her it was a good show.She flew all the way from Ohio to see Russell Crow.(Oh well check ask me next time)
Ron Paul people were every where. Then my camera wasn't working. All of a sudden Ron Paul gets out of a car and talks to us in line. Wow...this guy is great! I love Ron Paul. If you are registered Republican please check out and Ron Paul Freedom Message .com Vote for Ron!
Andy AKA "The Hair" the on stage security guard came out to tell us not to wear the bright yellow shirts and the signs can't go into the studio.
I met wild David(who was here for the Sex Pistols) Shawn(the only person I met for Tom Cruise..Sleep) and Jerret...Strong Ron Paul supporter who flew in from Beaverton Oregon today and will fly back after the show.
Of course Maurice stopped by he said he will go to the show tomorrow. Ron Paul supporters were the streets with signs...all over the place!

Tom Cruise...he is cute...he had a little tuff of hair out of place in the back...ummm let's see...that's about it. He was low energy and very nice. During the breaks he would wave at us and when he left he shook Vickie's hand (The Singer) Next!

Ron Paul the man of the day! The Crowed went wild...Ron is a Gynecologist and has delivered 4000 babies...Jay said it's great that you are 72 years old and have such young supporter...Yeah he is the only one running who has delivered most of his followers...ha ha. Ron Paul want to bring life back to the Constitution
The Sex Pistols...first of all I thought they were going to be sexy...The Sex Pistols are some crazy old drunk guys. The lead singer who looked like a fat Rod Stewart was missing a tooth on his left top plate. He was drinking on stage. They were...Great entertainment! The drunk leader Johnny Rotten was talking to Ron Paul during the song, then Johnny turned around,bent over and rubbed his his behind. Ron just covered his face.

Kevin Eubanks had on his traditional tight sweater with leather patches on the shoulders with a Kango turned backwards.
I sat next to John Melendez who gave me great advice about stand up! He also has a movie he produced coming out March 20 called One,Two, Many...I don't blame you John who knows who is going to have a job soon. Make your own.
The writers might go on strike. That means no Tonight Show with Jay Leno!...Hey you got to fight for what you think you deserve. If NBC can consider getting rid of Jay Leno... If my mother after putting in 20+ years can get fired...Your job doesn't love you. Do what you got to do. I hope and pray it works out quickly.

While I was blogging my boyfriend just called from his "Annie"rehearsal and said " Honey I just peed and I don't know if I flushed the toilet...If you come over tonight I just want you to know I sorry...didn't mean to do that. He is so sweet in a very odd way. LoVe him!


My mother who has been out of work is hanging out with my Aunt Mary. My Aunt Mary is a Funeral Crasher... She looks in the obituaries find the best funerals . Auntie Mary goes to a funeral up to four times a week. The young ones have the most people...and the most food.

Aunt Mary helps in the kitchen at the church with her to go containers fix her a plate to go, and eats another plate there.She nver has to cook or buy food! She has been doing this for over 20 years. Most people think that they are related to her because they see her at the funeral. She doesn't even know the people.

I got to do something quick. My mom needs something to do. I'm going to take John Melendez advice. I got to step it up, The Tonight Show might be gone for awhile. Can't depend on that. I think John should have his own show! Th th th Thanks John!

Monday, October 29, 2007

GloZell's Tonight Show Aperance...

Welcome back everyone!

At the 8AM line I was happy to see Tania who saved a spot for me in line and the construction that is being done to the broke down outside of NBC Guest Relations...I gave NBC till Nov. 1st to remodel the front or else Ray Ray(the town drunk) and I was going to plant flowers and paint. Nice to know we don't have to....Great Job NBC!

Alcupulco was on fire today(it's right across the street from the show)

Tania stayed up all night making me a Badge! It's so nice. It says"GloZell Green Self Appointed Guest Ambassador! And she gave me Jay Leno's "If Roast Beef Could Fly Books" with CD.

Mrs. J ( Who was sleepy) Tania and Maurice(who didn't come to the show) was here for the first day back!

Mrs. J. and Tania both play the McDonald's Monopoly game. Tania went took out her game pieces to see if she had the piece that Mrs. J need. Tania is going to see High School the Musical
At the sign was a camp of mean Russell Crow fans. They wouldn't move from in front of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sign...No one could take a picture because they wouldn't move!

Before the show Smitty came out and beat on the drums forever. (like he forgot how to play them in a week) I know he dedicated that drum solo to me.


Russell Crow was a little fat. He had on all black and you could see he had a belly on him. But his mean fans loved him anyways. He was funny and told something about Bingo I think...I didn't get what he was saying. He did crack on the President about him messing up words.
The Secret Service was everywhere for Jenna Bush. Jenna has the most awkward walk. Reminds me of Grape Ape. Jenna was pleasant and defiended her father.
Carrie Underwood or should I say underweight. Carrie had on this baggy black pants suit. Her pelvic bones was sticking out. She was still pretty and had a great clear strong voice. I like her song . She was way smaller than the last time she was on the show.(She had a black male bodyguard)

It was a good show! During the promos Jay kept messing up... not reading the word right...Jenna Bush said" See Jay everyone makes mistakes we are all human".

-------------------------- GLOZELL'S GHETTO SHOW IDEAL!

To Dr. Debbie V.( (E.P./cue card writer) I figured since you do everything that you are probably a doctor also.) And the rest of the 214 wonderful producers of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Everyday people ask when are they going to put you on the show? You have been coming for how long? Does Jay know you been coming since 2006?He should have you as a guest? etc.

GloZell's bit could be trying to get on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (like the Trix Rabbit who never got the cereal) Everything I try gets me taken away by security.

I tie up Kevin Eubanks put on a tight sweater with leather patches a backwards Kango and when Jay does his first joke I laugh like a crazy person." Oh Jay that was so funny, you are killing me" Jay looks and says' GloZell you can't be on the show...and security takes me away

say Beonce' is one of the guest...I sneak into her dressing room and explain that since she has been on the show that I should go on instead of her... I come out and Jay calls security...Then do the same thing with for example Jennifer Lopez( someone I couldn't possably look like)

I run into John Melendez...John tells me he is on the show. But I don't know who he is...he explains that he is the announcer but it doesn't ring a bell. Then John says" I'm the guy who raises the cup"....oh yeah. John takes me through hours of cup raising training but I never get it right so I can't be on the show...I never realized how hard it was to raise a cup...John makes is look so easy

I hide under Jay's desk and when he sits down...I get thrown out...

When the guest band is about to play I sneak on and play the tambourine or triangle. No one notices until after the song...Once again I get kicked out....
I have put a picture of myself on the background city...but of course Jay sees it" GloZell you can't be on the show'

I take the NBC tour and sneak into the writers room and try to add jokes about me...and security is called.

I try hiding in Jay's Car...nothing works.
I make my own Tonight Show with Jay Leno microphone and have a red patch of carpet for me to stand on and try to interview stars/anybody for my Tonight Show with Jay Leno reel. .(GloZell's red Carpet interview)

I end up at pee wee Karate award program...yelling to the kids and parents"Who are you wearing".

or Debbie Allen's Dance class just to get tape of me with a celebrities... Any kinds of diverse as possible, From Japanese to Armenian programs trying to get a interview so I can be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. GloZell will try anything!

My mother(with her church hat) jumps on the stage with Jay just like she did when she visited, and ask Jay "When are you going to put my baby on the show"...Security is called on both of us

Endless possibility's.
People can write in and give ideals on what GloZell can do to get on the show!

Meanwhile (Off camera) I can go to different schools/hospitals and motivate. Telling them they can do whatever they want in life...Just don't give up! Then explain why Jay Leno is my Hero and give them all a copy of Jay's children's book.That's what I love doing.

Even Ross the Intern tries to teach me.

This IS a great collaboration to an interesting relationship The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and GloZell have been having for over a year and four months. I still will be in line and meeting people before the show.

It's a twist that can bring different cultures and events along with much humor and fun to the best Late Night Show on Earth.

I love the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the staff...(except Smitty)You only talk about the ones you love.....I am a creative, reliable, dedicated and theTonight Show with Jay Leno Number One Fan. Thank You.

I can be reached at 3000 west Alameda Ave. Monday-Fridays...10 AM to 5:30 PM