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Monday, July 28, 2008

GloZell at Comic Con... AKA CrazyLand!

I went to San Diego by train... ( I was the Conductor cuz my Birthday is a coming) Lots of People at Comic Con... Antonio G. told me the ropes about Comic Con and that helped me a lot... it's a lot to see...The Voice of Sponge Bob Square Pants... ( he was sick and didn't want to give me his cold)

Aw... this guy came as Barack Obama... how nice...Yeah.. I saw all kinds of things and people...
I did not know this man was tying to bite me! There were so many Dark Jokers... Yes save me Indian Jones Man! The Suicide Girls...Just great... more boobs... where is the ... Hey Spartan!Wow!... Me likey da Spartan Man!... aaah... this was the best costume! The Best... mmm mmm mmm!


Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to seeing your other videos. Looked like fun in SD with all those characters. And a good place to Christmas shop for Connor.
I am an "Ice Road Truckers" fan every Sunday at 8 PM on History. It's nice to see COLD climate this time of year...100 today. Tough work and dangerous...lonely too.
Went to our Mexican restaurant and took two sacks for the family. They will be leaving shortly...just waiting on arrangements to be all made. We'll go back there Wed.
Mom is having fun with Patsy/Ken, but they leave in the AM.
LOVE all the NBC jokes...even by guests now. I am NOT happy!
Were you on the show, "So You Think You Can Dance"? I read the comment on this site.
Have you contacted Ross?
We''ll look for you tonight on the show...

Anonymous said...

Please give us an update on that earthquake! I am worried about you!!!

GloZell said...

MD... sorry it took so long to get to this comment... I have to try to get to comments at 6 am when the wi-fi is strong and I have to go get tickets before I teach camp...
It was a good show this night... I wouldn't want to know anyone who drove those truck... scarry...
Thanks MD