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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Samaki Walker Beautiful River Fish King!.. by GloZell

Samaki Ijuma Walker (born February 25, 1976 in Columbus, Ohio) is a professional basketball player, formerly in the NBA.


The 6' 9" power forward was selected ninth overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1996 NBA Draft out of Louisville. On draft night, he was noticed for wearing an all-white suit with matching fedora.

( wow...ha ha ha Samaki)
Walker has played for the Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and the Indiana Pacers. He holds career averages of 5.4 points and 4.8 rebounds per game.
In Swahili, "Samaki" means "fish" and "ljuma" means "beautiful river".
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Samaki... Hey what you up to Glo?
GloZell ---- Oh Samaki can I blog you?
Samaki --- What?
GloZell -- Can I interview you?

Samaki -- You are always doing something... I don't know Glo.. Why?
GloZell --- It will be fun... I want to show how wonderful and positive you are... people love Ball Players.. I don't know about basketball but I know it's popular.. and you are going to be on ESPN this month so that's positive
... Samaki --- No GloZell No...
GloZell --- Please... pleeeeeease... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE

Samaki -- No... NO ! No! Glo... oh why did I call you..
GloZell -- I want to promote the positive African American males pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Samaki -- No... but you can come over if you want...
GloZell --- Sure Samaki...

Samaki--- I am serious GloZell ... no interview... you are so nuts..( rumble rumble)
GloZell--- FINE... You see black men doing stupid stuff on TV all the time.. you are a positive one and I am begging ... begging just to show you... you know I have never asked about your basketball playing... never asked anything of you.. but now... I want to see you play... I want to support but

Samaki--- FINE! Fine! GloZell Da* you can be aggravating... ha ha
Glozell--- But you love me...

Samaki -- Yeah whatever... so ask me whatever...
GloZell -- oh no not over the phone... I'm coming over... bye... (hee hee)

Take a picture by your poster...
Samaki --- No! GloZell that's gonna seem like I'm all up on myself... no...

GloZell--- Okay then take mine... oooh look at me... I'm G-balling
WILL YOU PLEASE STAND BY YOUR PICTURE SAMAKI WALKER! Try to take the ball from me !Samaki --- Anything for you GloZell...I mean anything to shut you up...
You love me... I know ( aw man... you too tall I cut the top of your head off.. I need to shave my pits ha ha)

Hmmm look at us... Samaki if I was 10 years younger... I never told Samaki I loved him before and today I told him 2000 times! ( I know he thought I was more crazy than normal) After this Obama/Panther week... I want every positive person especially black men to keep going and I hope that they are treated like Kings everywhere by all people...

I went home and googled his name and all this wonderful info on him came up... not once before today did I even ask Samaki about his basketball playing... not once... didn't even know about his foundation... no wonder he would rather be overseas being treated like a king...

I apologize... truly sorry... Go King Samaki!

Samaki Walker you are a beautiful ... fish... LoVe You like my very VERY tall younger brother...
I have been around more black people in one week than I have been in the last five years... it was educational... I'm ready for the Tonight Show with My Boo-zizel Jay to the Leno...

Garrett Morris needs a massage... or something..

I scared Ben Vereen... he tried to roll his window up... ha ha ha

GloZell's Ghetto Massage Flash back

Self touch massage

Dancing Massage... this is when I worked a convention and I just got my camera... there was no music... the therapist was just jamming...

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