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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ellen Degeneres is not Feminine GloZell

I rated the Ellen Show 2 out of 5 Glo-ing Lights (Failing) I hope change that rating after the Ellen show make improvements...
Steve Bob and I went to the Ellen Degeneres Show... Plenty of parking... flat screen TV to show past Ellen shows... very nice... this was outside! Plenty of people to answer questions .. I felt secure... I felt that Ellen was protected... everyone was friendlySome of Ellen staff taped audience members who had talent for Ellen Website before we walked to Ellen Show Studio Great fun....

Plenty of seating... plenty of signs to tell you where you are and where you need to go... food and drinks available at that location and at the WB gift shopit was a long walk to the Warner Brothers gift shop... but it's a nice gift shop

Starbucks while you wait
we had a great time waiting for the show...Ellen 's employee told us not to worry we had guarantee tickets and what time to come back to the line... PERFECT...
but then we walked back to the Ellen Degeneres show waiting line... announcements were made ( always with a microphone ... Perfect) that we CAN NOT use the bathroom when we get to the Ellen Studio so go now!.... three of 8 toilets didn't flush!!!!! AND.... MUST WATCH VIDEO

Ellen's Guest Tuesday, January 6

CNBC's Maria Bartiromo... she gave great advice... Maria was much bigger than I thought so either Mrs. Bartiromo had a baby or going to have one or just a little chunky... looked pretty but big for TV standards good thing she sits behind a desk... nice
Musical Guest: AKON ( we got his album and a George Clooney DVD)AKON always gives a great show and came into the audience... we all had to get up ! AKON makes it easy to want to dance and before you know it... I was cameras everywhere... you had to move

overall ... I felt stupid, scared, horrible, embarrassed and my Ellen Show time was ruined... I thought I was going to die... couldn't cry ...wouldn't want any woman to go through that Mrs. Degeneres

* Big points to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ... during the Tonight Show... Security visible during the WHOLE show...Pages are VISIBLE and standing throughout the aisle so you know who you can go to DURING every show break ...

I do believe that if I showed a NBC Page blood all over my hand during a break... they would not send me back to my seat ...not the case at the Ellen Show*
I would just like to say... I love Ellen it's nothing personal... I just feel like the Ellen Show tried so hard to be the best (and far succeed other shows in almost all areas) so I will help them get there... fix the bathroom situation!... at least have Feminine products I could buy... something!!

We were told NO BATHROOM once we go to Ellen's Studio loud and clear over and over in the microphone... I waited till AKON was done singing his 1st song but I had to do something didn't want to ruin ELLEN'S chair ...

I had to go to the closest person I could get to who worked for the Ellen show... and it was a guy... embarrassing... I .. ahhhhhhh... what else could I do... I didn't make a big deal after I was told to go back to my seat for a short segment... I can not say enough how I wouldn't want any one else to feel the same way...

I felt everyone look at me as I TRIED to leave the studio... then had to go back to my seat ... then told I could go... I had to cross a row of people each time... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ( don't want anyone else to go through that... I mean it's suppose to be a fun time... I love Ellen and all the shows )

I feel like I will be band from the Ellen show now... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The show started at 4 .. tickets say be in line by 1pm we were in line at 10AM... nice seeing Danny (very friendly) who I new from the Tonight Show ( he was a Page at NBC)

I I LOVE TV ... I have a special place for talk shows, comics and the audience experience ... please take this as trying to improve the Ellen Show ... PLEASE !!! Thank You so much Ellen

GloZell (Show Critic)

Florida recap
my mother always jump on her trampoline... so I taped her... hee hee hee... then she says oops and goes to the bathroom... ha!

Watch Night service is on New Years Eve... it's done in the black churches where you pray or shout in the new year... start the new year in church... it's a slavery thing... they would pray for freedom and a better life this up coming year... most white people haven't even heard of it...

Mt. Olive AME CHURCH Orlando Fla.

My mommy, myself and one of our old children's choir member Jessie who was super quiet fat, nerdy and had bad skin... grew up and now is a super fine successful pilot... WOW!Jessie , DeOnzell, and Curtis Rayam ( Jessie's uncle who is an international Opera singer and has given De some jobs ) what a bad picture of De... ha ... but that's the only one I had ...



Dan Wereszynski said...

Haha. Even when you're not trying to be funny you are. Bi-sexual bathrooms! That is hilarious!

I have to say if you ever want to go to TV shows where you rate them one Glo-ing star or zero (if that's possible) come to New York shows. I have been to the following:
-Late Night with Conan O'Brien
-Late Show with David Letterman
-Live with Regis and Kelly
-The View
-The People's Court
-Montel Williams
-Saturday Night Live (dress rehearsal at 8pm)
-Saturday Night Live (live show)
-Today Show

AND I have been to these shows that are no longer airing but had studio audiences:
-Ricki Lake
-Later Today
-Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn
-The Chris Rock Show
-Queen Latifah
-The Rosie O'Donnell Show
-Hollywood Squares (when it went on location to New York)
-Jenny Jones (actually tapes in Chicago, but still had a NYC feel to it, when I went to Chicago)

All these shows either make you wait outside or STAND (no sitting) in a lobby of the building. They say it is a fire hazard for sitting in lobbies. Some of them you are not even allowed to sit if it’s outside. I think that’s crazy. This is why I was in awe of the way Southern Cali has its shows set-up in terms of audience coordination.
In New York you wait for hours. Most tickets do not even guarantee you to get in, because they over-book. In fact, some places do not even provide you with a bathroom. You have to find some public building where they have public restrooms. You have to have the person behind you hold your place in line (they almost always do). If you don’t make it back in time; TOUGH! You get sent to the back of the line if your section went in already. Plus; no going to the bathroom during any show (even during commercial). If you leave you can't comeback, and they have a page fill your seat. At some shows you aren't allowed to go to it as often. This one girl at Letterman told me you have to come once every six months, which is common for some of the shows, but not all.

I mean I really can't complain because all these tickets are FREE. But they wouldn't be as good without an audience, because they feed off our energy. A little courtesy does go a long way.

I do have to say that the blood and period thing was a bit much. They should've let you go. Next time I'm sure you'll have an emergency one in your purse.

But great blog. You should do that with most of the California shows. You should see if Dr. Phil has a nice set-up since he's a TV star and a physiatrist. BIG $$$$ FOR HIM.

My mom and dad had a horrible time when they saw Deal Or No Deal. But this post is too long already. They said, "Hi"; by the way


Dan Wereszynski said...

Haha. Just watched your mom on the trampoline. God punished you for messing with her. But it was funny as Hell.

Oh, and your church is awesome in the way they celebrate. I wish all places of worship the people would actually get in to it and not fall asleep.


GloZell said...

Dan you are sooooo funny... man you have to come back soon....

um... I really couldn't remember the names...

okay... you have given me some great insite... NY Shows sounds horrible to wait for... I guess CA is somewhat spoiled...

I don't know what is an emergency at the Ellen show... I mean... I didn't have time to be all secret about it.. I was like LOOK AT MY HAND...

since they have the nice place ... just add a few pads.. tampons something... all those women... come on

my mother is going to choke me one day... I thought it was funny... but I don't know if you heard her say oops befor she got off the tramp.... so funny...

I guess I could rate shows... I mean The Tonight Show has a gas station right accross the street...
the Ellen Show... I didn't drive and I couldn't walk that long of a way so...
thanks Dan...
I know that Ellen will think of something and turn this around....

Bi-sexual bathrooms... oh well

take care ...