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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Captin Kirk... Mean me up Scotty...

William Shatner who is an TV Icon is also... well not the nicest guy. I have met him more than once... he is not one for pictures and people coming up to him... so when I saw him this time... I just left him alone... his wife and his agent person were the only ones talking to him. I still love William but from afar...LOL

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Anonymous said...

All is fine here. I was sure I'd mentioned going to Lincoln, but with the taxes, Jim, and trip preparations it must have skipped my mind. And you called us? Wish we'd had call's Vonage.
Turning cooler here, but just beautiful Fall weather.
What a tease these videos all are!!! I want to watch them, but it takes forever to do one video on dial-up. It's better than nothing though.
I hope all is okay. You once said things go to pot when I go out of town, but SK is a good partner. And you are good for him...keeping him laughing and from getting too serious. Life before you was boring. It's WORK and is forever are WE.
I'll be back on Wed. night...