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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hardest Working Man at the Emmy's

SK had been working so hard as a bag boy at a grocery store and we got up early, went to church... The man was just tired... Thanks for working so hard for us

Please take a look at SK's Paintings

Thank you for your support!


GloZell's Ghetto Flashback...


GloZell's Ghetto Issues...

I have been wanting to detox... we are off from Boot camp for 2 weeks ... so

I am getting a at home wrap... don't know if it's only detox or weight loss sort of thing... I CAN'T WAIT to see what it does...

Has anyone ever tried one... Those body wraps?...

I feel good about it... maybe FMMary will wrap me... don't know if I can do it alone

I will keep you posted...


Hmmmm Haven't heard from MD in a few days...?... I hope everyone is alright.


Susanne Sus said...

GloZell, I love the video. You have just a voice for musicals and I think, if trained, for operas as well.

I would love to see you in a musical! People would be ravished by you.

Hope all is well with you and SK.

Take care and enjoy life.

Aunt Sus

GloZell said...


Thank you so much... yes I should tour... The GloZell crazy song Tour...LOL

Or be apart of a serious one...

Thanks A.S.

SK and I are doing just fine thanks